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Special Events FAQ

Important Notes
  • All special event tickets for events that include giveaway items will come with a designation on the event ticket that will allow the ticket holder to redeem their tickets for that giveaway.
  • The special event ticket can be redeemed at the game for that event's giveaway item.
  • You will not be able to receive the item unless you have a special event ticket with you at the event.

If I buy a regular game ticket to the same game as a special event, will I still receive the giveaway item?
No. The only way to receive a special event giveaway item is to purchase the specific special event ticket, which can be done through the special event website. For groups of 20 or more, you may purchase your special event tickets by calling 773-404-4242.
Will my special event ticket look different than a normal game ticket?
The ticket itself will be identical to a normal game ticket, but all special event tickets also print with a designation of that event's giveaway item. This special event ticket allows you to collect your item either pre or post game depending on the logistics of the particular event.
How will I receive my giveaway item?
Special event giveaway items can be collected on the day of the game at the distribution location. We will communicate the instructions on where the particular area will be for redemption prior to the game date in question. Make sure that you bring your special event ticket with you, as you will not be able to collect your item without it.
Am I guaranteed to receive the special event giveaway item?
Yes. Unlike gate giveaways, where only the first 10,000 or so fans receive the promo item, every fan that purchases a special event ticket will be guaranteed the giveaway item (unless otherwise specified with a specific limit). Items are only guaranteed if claimed on the day of the special event. For items that will be available pre-game, the redemption period will last until the end of the game. For post game redemption items, we will communicate the time frame that the item will be available for redemption via email prior to the game date in question.
I'm a Season Ticketholder. Do my season tickets include these special event giveaway items?

Season tickets do not include these special event giveaways. Season ticketholders are welcome to purchase a special event ticket (pending availability) through If you present proof of your special event ticket purchase, we will be happy to credit the value of your season tickets back to your account for the same game. While the credit will not be available as a refund, you may still apply that credit towards next season's season ticket payment. Please note that if you opt to purchase a special event ticket, you will be required to pay all related service charges relating to your special event ticket purchase. Furthermore, if you are a Budweiser Bleacher Season Ticket Holder, your special event ticket(s) will not entitle you to early entrance into the Budweiser Bleachers. Those privileges will be removed with the exchange of your Budweiser Bleacher Season Tickets.

Also, if you opt to make a special event ticket purchase and turn back your Seating Bowl or Budweiser Bleacher Season Tickets, we will accommodate on a ticket for ticket basis. For example, if you have six Season Tickets and opt to purchase four special event tickets, we will credit back the value of four of your Season Tickets upon receipt of proof of purchase of four special event tickets for the same game. Please consult your season ticket representative with any questions.

I am not a Season Ticket holder, but I already have tickets to the same game as a special event, can I exchange them for special event tickets?
Unfortunately, there is not a process for exchanging regular game tickets for special event tickets.
If I can't make the game, am I able to collect my giveaway item?
Giveaway items are not guaranteed if not collected on the day of the special event. However, if supply allows, the Cubs Ticket Sales department will make every attempt to honor special event ticket redemptions after the event date. Email to arrange a pick-up time.