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Astros Internships


Astros Internship Program
If I have graduated, can I still become an intern with the Houston Astros?
Yes! The Astros are looking for the best of the best. We want rising professionals who are interested in being introduced to the fast-paced world of sports.
How many interns do the Astros host during a semester?
The program hosts between 10-12 interns, depending upon semester.
Do the Astros hire interns during or after completing an internship?
A sizeable population of our current full-time staff is made up of former interns from our program. Hiring is based on need in our organization but it has happened and is one of the goals of the program.
Do the Astros provide housing during the internship?
The Astros do not provide or make suggestions regarding housing in the area. We do, however, work to put you in touch with other interns that are searching for housing to help facilitate roommate situations.
What type of hours can I expect to work in this internship program?
Our 'normal' business hours are M-F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. As an intern you can expect to spend 32-40 hours a week at the ballpark. If you are selected to a department that has game day responsibilities, your hours will fluctuate with the game schedule.
Will I get a chance to see other departments or just the one I am selected to?
It is our hope that our interns take time to shadow other departments that interest them. The onus is on each intern to express interest in shadowing but our HR department does everything possible to help facilitate the communication and set up the opportunities. There are a couple of departments that have limited access but on the whole, there are definitely opportunities to learn the entire business.