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Diamond of Dreams

Diamond of Dreams will feature an exclusive auction highlighting Baseball's Greatest Moments as well as several select Royals autographed items. Below is a sampling of the moments that will be highlighted at the auction!

Baseball's Greatest Moments Auction

1947 Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson breaks the Color Barrier for MLB Jackie Robinson Signed Index Card and Photo Display - ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE VIP PARTY AUCTION Watch Video View
1975 Carlton Fisk Carlton Fisk 1975 Game Winning HR - Waving the ball Fair with Johnny Bench Carlton Fisk Autographed '75 Red Sox Jersey & Johnny Bench Signed '75 Reds Jersey - ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE VIP PARTY AUCTION Watch Video View
1967 / 2012 Carl Yastrzemski
Miguel Cabrera
1967 Triple Crown Winner
2012 Triple Crown Winner
Carl Yastrzemski Autographed '67 Red Sox Home White Jersey and Miguel Cabrera 2012 Tigers Home White Jersey - ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE VIP PARTY AUCTION Watch Video View Yastrzemski
View Cabrera
1969 Tom Seaver
Nolan Ryan
1969 Miracle Mets - future HOF Pitchers Hall of Famers Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan Signed '69 Road Gray Mets Jersies - ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE VIP PARTY AUCTION Watch Video View Seaver
View Ryan
1954 Willie Mays 1954 World Series "THE CATCH" by Willie Mays Willie Mays Autographed current San Fransico Giants Home Jersey Watch Video View
1967 Bob Gibson Bob Gibson - 3 Complete Game Victories in 1967 World Series Bob Gibson signed '67 Cardinals Home White Jersey Watch Video View
1974 Hank Aaron Hank Aaron hits HR #715 to become all time HR King Hank Aaron Autographed '74 Atlanta Braves Home Jersey Watch Video View
1983 George Brett
Goose Gossage
"The Pine Tar Incident" - July 24 1983 - Royals vs Yankees George Brett autographed '83 Royals Road Powder Blue Jersey and Goose Gossage Yankees Home White Jersey Watch Video View Brett
View Gossage
1985 Pete Rose Pete Rose sets the all time hit record with number 4192 Pete Rose Autographed Home Cincinnati Reds Stats Jersey Watch Video View
1986 Mookie Wilson
Bill Buckner
1986 World Series - Mookie Wilson's Famous Ground Ball past Bill Buckner Mookie Wilson Autographed '86 Mets Jersey & Bill Buckner Signed '87 Red Sox Jersey Watch Video View Wilson
View Buckner
1988 Kirk Gibson
Dennis Eckersley
Kirk Gibson Game Winning HR off Dennis Eckersley - 1988 World Series Kirk Gibson Autographed '88 Dodgers Home White Jersey and Dennis Eckersley Signed A's Home White Jersey Watch Video View Gibson
View Eckersley
1993 Joe Carter
Mitch Williams
Joe Carter hits World Series WALK OFF Home Run off of Mitch Williams Autoographed '93 Blue Jays Home White Jersey and Mitch Williams Signed Philadelphia Road White Jersey Watch Video View Carter
View Williams
1995 Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball's "Iron Man" for consecutive games played Cal Ripken Signed 2001 Orioles Home White Jersey Watch Video View

For more information on the Auction, or the Diamond of Dreams event, please contact: