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Jackie Robinson Foundation

Scholarship, Mentoring, Public Service, Internships and Leadership Development
Sponsored by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

The Los Angeles Dodgers and The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) have supported the Jackie Robinson Foundation for many years, providing 4 year scholarships and leadership development resulting in a 99% graduation rate. In alignment with the Education + Literacy pillar, LADF strongly believes that access, opportunity, mentoring and support are key to ensuring higher education for students of color; the Jackie Robinson Foundation does just that.

LADF continues to honor the legacy of Jackie Robinson with annual scholarships, ongoing programing and Jackie Robinson Day celebrations.

In March 2015, LADF renewed its commitment to the Jackie Robinson Foundation by supporting 8 scholars from the Los Angeles area for the next 4 years.

On April 15th, 10 Jackie Robinson Scholars participated in the Jackie Robinson Day celebrations on the field. 2 Scholars participated in the first pitch with Rachel Robinson and Sandy Koufax. Additionally, LADF honored The Jackie Robinson Foundation with its Blue Diamond Award for Education + Literacy at the 2015 inaugural Blue Diamond Gala on April 16th. The award was accepted on behalf of the Foundation by Rachel Robinson. In addition to Jackie Robinson Day celebrations, LADF hosted its first annual BE42 mentoring Day.