Mark Walter
Owner & Chairman
Mark Walter

Mark Walter is an entrepreneur, investor, conservationist, and social-justice advocate. He is the chairman and controlling owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A business leader who continues to set new standards, Walter is engaged in areas that include financial services, insurance, sports, media, fashion, energy, infrastructure, and real estate. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Guggenheim Capital, LLC, a global investment and financial advisory firm with more than $250 billion in assets under management.

Walter oversees the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, which is committed to promoting education, literacy, recreation and health for children and families throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Walter also supports Chicago Beyond and OneGoal Chicago, leading organizations in Chicago's education community that serve the area's youth in innovative ways.

The Walter family owns White Oak in North Florida, home to one of the world's foremost wildlife conservation facilities. At White Oak - and through other endeavors in Africa and around the globe - the Walters devote energy and resources to the protection, breeding, and reintroduction of endangered and vulnerable species, and remain committed to safeguarding wild places.

Walter sits as a trustee or director of various organizations including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Northwestern University, and the Field Museum of Natural History.

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