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As fans, we know your loyalties don't start and stop after the last out is recorded or once the first pitch is thrown. You cheer, chide, root, rant, scream and savor each and every Dodger moment. You wear the Dodgers name proudly on your hats and shirts - at the game or in the office. You scour the news for the latest stories. Your children adore the players, and maybe you do too.

We understand and with that year-round passion in mind, we proudly introduce DODGERLIFE - a series of programs and events in which we invite you to personalize your Dodgers experience to match your lifestyle.

As part of DODGERLIFE you'll be able to do more than just cheer for the boys in blue. You will have the opportunity to take batting practice on the field at Dodger Stadium, meet former and current Dodgers, or take a trip with us to see the Dodgers on the road. But it's also about sharing the fun of being a fan with other fans. Movie nights and sleepovers at the stadium, fishing trips, festivals and special events for fans of all ages throughout the year. We invite you to join us.