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John CenaJohn Cena is a legitimate triple threat. One of the biggest names in the wrestling world, the WWE Superstar has also starred in films such as "The Marine" and "12 Rounds" and released a hip-hop album that reached the top 10 on the U.S. charts. He had ceremonial first pitch honors at Dodger Stadium on August 20 while in town for SummerSlam, WWE's biggest event of the summer.

You are from Boston and you currently live in Tampa, but we have also seen you at Dodger games from time to time. What baseball team do you pull for?
You know what, the time I've spent in Dodger Stadium, I'm actually becoming a Dodger fan. I've actually bounced around a little bit. I'm originally from Boston, relocated to Tampa, so I have an interdivisional rivalry going on with myself. I'm actually a converted Rays fan but with Manny being a Boston transplant and he certainly found a home out here, he brings life to anywhere he's at so its good to see him with the Dodgers. And certainly with the heritage that the Dodgers have and me being almost a regular here at Dodger Stadium, they're growing on me.

Would you say Manny is your favorite player right now?
He has a certain swagger about him that cannot be ignored. I think wherever he goes, he brings a certain life to the organization, which is very important. The Dodgers are obviously very happy to have him he seems to have found a home that he really likes. I would actually say that I am a Manny fan. I don't know if he's my favorite player right now -- like I said I have some ties to the American League -- but my favorite National League player. You can get that much out of me. How's that?

John CenaYou have thrown out the ceremonial first pitch at a few other stadiums in the past. Were you pleased with those performances and do you have a strategy tonight?
I'm usually so nervous that I just really try to make it to the plate. I'm batting about .500 and the good ones look really good, but the bad ones look equally as bad. So this is about the time, an hour before the first pitch, I'm trying to makes sure that ball is not too slippery. But my hands will be extremely sweaty and, come first pitch time, I'll be more nervous that I am in the middle of WrestleMania.

How does it feel to have the honor at Dodger Stadium tonight?
I've been blessed with the places I can throw it out, and this is one of those deals where you gotta step up and you gotta throw a strike, so it's a pressure situation. It's a privilege to be here, but on the other hand you don't want to come up short.

We know you are a big baseball fan. What predictions do you have for the rest of the season?
Well, I think the Yankees are unstoppable. The Dodgers seem to have the West locked up, but they better watch out for the Cardinals. I firmly believe that Albert Pujols is not from this planet. He just shows up for the regular season and the playoffs. I'm hoping my Rays make the Wild Card. It's anybody's ball game in the AL central. But I look for the Dodgers, the Dodgers are definitely a lock for the playoffs and if they can keep the mojo going, they can certainly do some damage.

John CenaYou are in town for WWE's SummerSlam this weekend. What can you tell us about the event?
It's a complete weekend package for us. The WWE has rolled in to town for its biggest party of the summer, SummerSlam, and we have fan events going on all weekend. And Sunday is our Pay-Per-View event of SummerSlam so this is kind of kicking off a pretty busy weekend for me, culminating with Sunday's event and then moving on to our broadcast on Monday Night Raw from Las Vegas, Nevada.

How is the crowd in LA?
The crowd in LA has always been great. Just to show you how much of a following we have in LA, when we ran in to a conflict with the Denver Nuggets in Colorado -- we were literally evicted from the stadium -- the Staples Center stepped right up immediately and gave us back-to-back dates of which we did approximately 15,000 WWE fans in a matter of, I believe, 8 days. So they showed up in droves and with passion. LA has always been one of our best cities.