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2004 Photo Album
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May 28, 2004: The start to another homestand

Gordon Verrell is presented with photos to celebrate his four decades at Dodger Stadium


On his last day, Gordie says goodbye to his friends at Dodger Stadium


Fernando welcomes some young Amigos


Manny Mota poses with some young fans


Adrian Beltre signs autographs

A young Dodgers fan takes the field


Wilson Alvarez gets the start, but leaves
after just two innings with a hip strain

Brian Falkenborg makes an emergency
relief appearance for Alvarez


It's Rally Towel Night at Dodger Stadium


The ball gets away from Cesar Izturis as Matt Kata slides into second


Dodgers fans are looking for a rally

Some fans show off their towels


Jose Hernandez matched a career high with four hits


This time, Kata can't stop Izturis


Olmedo Saenz dives into third base in front of Glenn Hoffman


Beltre fields a ball after leaping
over a broken bat

Saenz takes a breather after
covering first on a tough play


Alex Cora's family pays him a visit

Alex hands off Camila to Nilda-Marie


Jeff Weaver and Cora join Tommy Hawkins at Friday Night Live