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2004 Photo Album
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May 29, 2004: Lima and the Dodgers dominate the D-Backs

John Shelby, Milton Bradley, Bernard Parks, Manny Mota, John Young and Duaner Sanchez
are on hand for Opening Day at the Dodgers Dream Field at Algin Sutton


A young fan from the Boys and Girls Club votes for his favorite players


Tommy Davis sits with Drew McCourt


Milton Bradley signs some autographs


Jose Lima gets the start

Paul Lo Duca is behind the plate


Adrian Beltre comes through with a three-run homer


Beltre makes a play

Shawn Green tosses the ball


Alex Cora goes all out for a ball


Juan Encarnacion smacks a three-run homer

Cora connects


Lima fires a two-hitter at the D-Backs for eight shutout innings


Glenn Hoffman gives some signs

Beltre avoids a tight pitch


Encarnacion connects again

Bradley sprains his ankle sliding


The crowd is enjoying the 10-0 lead

Eric Gagne finishes the D-Backs


A great win for the Dodgers who got contributions all around