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2004 Photo Album
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June 1, 2004: The Dodgers make a donation to the LA Food Bank

Eric Gagne, David Ross, Milton Bradley and Jose Lima go on a shopping spree


Bradley connects on a fastorange


Lima loads up on baby formula


Gagne goes for the Huggies


Lima is rung up at the checkout counter


The Dodgers shatter last year's total with $14,495 for the Los Angeles Food Bank


Rob Reiner visits Robin Ventura

Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the house


Sunlight pierces the Dodgers dugout


Jeff Weaver takes the mound


Paul Lo Duca is hit by a pitch...

but is called out on strike three, swinging


Shawn Green takes one for the team

Lo Duca and Weaver have a conference


Bradley has a few words for the umps...

and throws some baseballs on the field


Jim Tracy gets ejected defending his player

The game is delayed while the balls are picked up


Tom Martin goes into his unique motion


Rodney Myers makes his first appearance

A tough night for the Dodgers