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Ticket Forwarding

Log into My Dodgers Tickets

1. From the My Dodgers Tickets login screen, enter your account number and password. If your My Dodgers Tickets account is linked to an account, you can enter your email address and password associated with the account.

2. Click the "Log In" button.

*Note - you will normally be brought to the My Ticket Inventory page when logging in. However, if any of the required account information is missing, you will be brought to the My Account screen and will not be able to go any further. You will need to contact the Los Angeles Dodgers box office to update your account information.

Forwarding Log In
View Ticket Inventory

On your first login to My Dodgers Tickets, you will be brought to the My Account screen to verify your account information. To get to the ticket inventory screen, click on the My Ticket Inventory tab.

Forwarding Inventory

On all future logins, you will be brought directly to the My Ticket Inventory page.

Forwarding Inventory Landing

1. Click the "Ticket Action" drop-down field and choose to Forward Tickets.

Forwarding Ticket Action

2. The default view is by event. Select the "Order" tab to view ticket inventory by order. The event view will show all tickets for events in the selected month, for all orders. The order view allows you to display tickets by individual order ID. You can also use the drop-down fields to restrict by month, opponent or day/time. Once the Forward Tickets action is selected, you will also see a third tab for sorting your inventory by seat.

3. Click the arrow on the left side of an event bar to see the ticket inventory for that event.

Forward Tickets

1. Use the checkboxes to select the tickets you wish to forward.

Forwarding Select

2. If you already have friends assigned to your account, they will appear in the "Your Friends" box. If you wish to forward the ticket(s) to an existing friend, skip to step #3. Otherwise, click on the "New Friend button to assign a new friend to your My Dodgers Tickets account. Fill in the required information and click on the "Save Changes" button.

Forwarding Add Friend

3. Click on the friend that you wish to forward the tickets to.

Forwarding Choose Friend

You should see the number of tickets for your friend change to the number of forwarded tickets, and the tickets in your inventory should change from "Active Tickets" to your friend's name.

Forwarding Friend Transfer

4. You can choose to select other seats to forward to another friend, or if you are done, click "Continue".

5. n the Review screen, add a message to your friend if desired, review the ticket information for accuracy and then click "Forward Tickets".

Forwarding Friend Review

6. Review confirmation, click the "My Ticket Inventory" button to return to your ticket inventory page, or click the "My History" button to review your transaction history which should now show the transfer you just completed.

Forwarding Friend Confirmation