LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers won't save $7.7 million this season with Manny Ramirez's 50-game suspension as originally reported but instead will save a total closer to $6.8 million over four years and just $2.37 million this year.

Ramirez's $25 million salary for this season is spread over four years with $10 million coming this year and $5 million without interest over the next three seasons.

That means that Dodgers will save $2.73 million this season, which is nearly $5 million less this year than originally reported. The Dodgers will save about $1.37 million the next three seasons, however.

Ramirez loses on out $6.8 million instead of $7.7 million because players are paid over 183 days instead of 162 games.

It is still unclear how the Dodgers plan to spend that money this season, if at all.