PHOENIX -- The Dodgers offense has improved in the last two-plus weeks, coinciding with the change in hitting coaches from Jeff Pentland to Dave Hansen.

Manager Don Mattingly said the reason probably has more to do with the hitters than the coaches.

"It has been better," Mattingly said of the offense's ability to extend innings. "I think the guys were bothered by it a little bit. In a sense, it's a wake-up call. I've been around all kinds of [coaching] changes. As a player, I know it's my fault. In a sense, I'm not doing my job. I kind of just cost a guy his job. We've got to be better than this."

Nonetheless, Mattingly said the results have reflected well on Hansen, who was named the interim hitting coach. Should Hansen be considered to have the interim tag removed for next year?

"I would think so, in my mind," Mattingly said.

In the 15 games since the change, the Dodgers are 10-5 while averaging four runs a game. Before the change, they averaged 2.57 runs a game.

Gordon out of lineup, but Monday return likely

PHOENIX -- Dodgers rookie shortstop Dee Gordon was out of the starting lineup Sunday, but manager Don Mattingly said the right shoulder injury Gordon suffered Saturday night was minor and he might return to the lineup for Monday night's homestand opener against Philadelphia.

"Dee's pretty good," said Mattingly, who added that Gordon could pinch-run or bunt if needed Sunday. "He hit the ball [in the cage] and threw a little bit. He felt a little something, but it sounds really good."

Initial fears were a separation when Gordon made a diving tag on Kelly Johnson Saturday night at the end of a rundown. Gordon -- who ran almost the entire 90 feet from second base to first before the dive and hard landing -- sounded as if he'd do it again.

"I don't think anything will change in the way he plays," said Mattingly. "He may give the ball up a little quicker next time, but he won't change."

Jamey Carroll started at shortstop on Sunday.

Dodgers respond after Mattingly holds meeting

PHOENIX -- A week ago, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said his team looked flat for the first time this season. He mentioned that observation, and a few other things that were bothering him, in a brief meeting with players, who won four of the next five games.

"I told them it was sort of a perfect storm," Mattingly said on Sunday. "That was the day of the Trade Deadline, we had six or seven late-night games, we were traveling that day and some guys had their families and were dropping off luggage and stuff. And Rubby [De La Rosa] threw 100 [pitches] in four innings and guys were standing there. If we were going to be flat, that would be the one day."

Mattingly said he mentioned all of that to the club, along with a couple of his pet peeves -- starting position players should be on the field getting loose at least 15 minutes before first pitch, and nobody should be on cell phones less than 30 minutes before first pitch.

"I hate coming out of the office seeing seven guys [texting]," he said. "Just reminders that needed to be addressed."