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02/10/2005 6:10 PM ET
'This is LA Baseball' advertising campaign hits the road this weekend
Outdoor phase of multi-faceted campaign launches with Busbacks in LA & San Bernardino counties; Billboards, print, radio and television layers to follow in March and throughout 2005 season
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Odalis Perez is featured in the Dodgers' new advertising campaign. (LA Dodgers)
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LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Dodgers' comprehensive 2005 advertising campaign, a multi-faceted drive effectively linking the team's heroes of past and present under the banner "This is LA Baseball," literally rolls out this weekend on busses across Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen announced today.

The busbacks, which wrap around the entire back of the mass transit vehicles, represent the first phase of an advertising campaign that includes extensive outdoor, print, radio and television saturation. The campaign, created by Dailey & Associates in conjunction with the Dodgers, continues its roll out in early March and will extend throughout the 2005 season.

The creative concept for the campaign, as depicted on the busbacks and upcoming billboards, visually incorporates legendary players from throughout Dodger history essentially morphing across the eras to stars of the current roster. As an example, one billboard depicts Dodger pitchers Don Newcombe, Don Drysdale, Orel Hershiser and Eric Gagne in progressive parts of the windup and delivery while also growing in clarity from faded to bright colors, effectively drawing the four generations of Dodger hurlers into one message of unity amongst the eras.

The resounding headline, "This is LA Baseball," is reinforced with the use of the Dodgers' trademark "LA" logo within the verbiage, and the message is complimented by the team's ongoing reference to "Think Blue." The signage also includes the team's new one-stop-shopping phone number (866-DODGERS), which allows fans to make just one call for all levels of tickets, whether it be season seats, luxury suites, group sales, mini-plans or individual game tickets.

"We believe this ad campaign clearly states what everyone in Los Angeles knows - that the Dodgers are LA baseball," said Rosen. "This is a celebration of a great franchise's storied history, and offers fans an incredible visual connection between our illustrious heritage and our present day players."

The campaign's genesis came in October 2004, and was actually part of Dailey & Associates' initial pitch for the Dodgers' advertising business. Rosen said the key was the campaign's emphasis on uniting the Dodgers' vast history with its current composition, keeping the franchise's ongoing success at the forefront of the fans' minds.

"Heritage and tradition are cornerstones of the Los Angeles Dodgers' organization, and never will those standards shine brighter than in this season - the 50th anniversary of the team's first World Championship," said Rosen. "The graphic references to that team, from Jackie Robinson and Duke Snider to Sandy Koufax and Pee Wee Reese, as well as greats like Fernando Valenzuela and Maury Wills, allow us to pay tribute to the historic significance of our players and this franchise. Simultaneously, it reminds our fans of the unique talents and personalities of the Dodger players over the years."

The rollout of busbacks and subsequent billboards will reflect a similar message, followed by print, radio and television ads. The on-air campaigns will include message points that cover the franchise's esteemed heritage and spotlight the family values/aspects of Dodger baseball.

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