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11/27/2007 1:02 PM ET
Dodgers name Dr. Charles Steinberg Executive Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations
Longtime baseball executive to be club's Chief Marketing Officer
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LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Dodgers today named Dr. Charles Steinberg as Executive Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, the club's Chief Marketing Officer. Dr. Steinberg will report to Dodger President Jamie McCourt, who made the announcement.

As CMO, Steinberg will work alongside new COO Dennis Mannion, named to his post earlier this month.

"Charles is regarded as one of baseball's pioneering executives in focusing on the fan experience in the park and in the community," McCourt said. "If it touches the fan's heart, it is Charles's responsibility."

The move is a return to the West Coast for the Baltimore native who, after 19 seasons working for the Orioles, worked seven for the San Diego Padres. He has spent the last six with the defending World Champion Boston Red Sox.

"Saturating a market with the love of baseball is such a pleasure," said Steinberg. "Doing so in Southern California for seven years provided some of the happiest times in my life. I am thrilled to return."

Steinberg has earned five championship rings, including World Championships with Baltimore (1983) and Boston (2004, 2007). He also won league championships with Baltimore (1979) and San Diego (1998).

"It's crucial to believe in the leaders of the organization," Steinberg said, "And I have gotten to know Frank and Jamie McCourt over the past three years. They are good-hearted people who passionately want the best for the fans of the Dodgers. We're watching them assemble, on the field and off, experienced people who have dedicated years of their lives to this game, dedication that directly benefits the fans. This is a great time to be joining the Los Angeles Dodgers."

For six years (1977-1982), Steinberg was the statistician to legendary Hall of Fame Manager Earl Weaver. After earning his doctorate from the University of Maryland Dental School (1984), he became the Orioles' team dentist, but also kept working in the office, as he had since high school. While working in public and community relations, he then went on to create the club's first video production department and first customer service department.

When Steinberg joined the San Diego Padres in 1995, he expanded his duties into marketing in Southern California and into galvanizing support for what is now PETCO Park. When he came to the Boston Red Sox for the 2002 season, Steinberg was instrumental in developing the club's consecutive-game sell out streak, cultivating the passionate Red Sox Nation fan base, and contributing to the improvements that enabled the ownership to save Fenway Park.

With all three franchises, he has also been most active in the club's increased participation in the community. He created the Padres Scholars in 1995 and the Red Sox Scholars in 2003, and has been a key decision maker in the fundraising and disbursements of each club's foundations.

"Larry Lucchino has been an indescribably kind and aggressive mentor for more than 25 years," Steinberg said. "I am eternally grateful for his teaching and for his support as I pursue this exciting new adventure, the one I hope to enjoy for the rest of my career."

Steinberg, who is single, plans to make Los Angeles his home after the New Year.
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