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01/06/2011 1:41 PM ET
Dodgers move home opener to March 31
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The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that Opening Day has been moved to Thursday, March 31 at 5 p.m. and will be nationally televised on ESPN. The Dodgers will face their rivals, the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants in a four-game series three of which will be televised nationally or regionally. Additionally, the Dodgers officially announced their promotional schedule with a long list of giveaways, the most comprehensive in Dodger history, filled with fan favorite items and valuable incentives.

The 2011 promotional schedule, which incorporates fan feedback solicited throughout last season, is highlighted by a new half-price food and drink promotion. There are several games to choose from during the 2011 that offer food and drink at a 50 percent discount and fans are invited to mark their calendar and plan a day at the ballpark with family and friends to enjoy this exciting discount.

Friday Night Fireworks are back by popular demand. This season there will also be a Monday Fireworks show on July 4. There are more Bobblehead giveaways than ever before with a total of 6, new specialty items including a BBQ apron and sleeved blanket, Back-to-School supplies for kids, fleece blankets and specialty hats.

The Dodgers will also introduce throwback giveaways including a retro 1981 World Series t-shirt and two items commemorating the 30th anniversary of "Fernandomania." Fan Appreciation Day, a Dodger tradition, will conclude the regular season (September 18 vs. PIT) and features a long list of prizes including a new car.

The Dodgers have created new options to take advantage of the 2011 promotional schedule including a 25-game Mini Plan and a "pick 'em" option that allows fans to secure several of the Dodgers' promotional giveaway games. Information on season ticket options including Mini plans is available now at

FRIDAY NIGHT FIREWORKS (April 15, April 29, May 13, May 27, June 17, June 24, Monday, Monday, July 4 (MONDAY), July 8, July 22, July 29, August 26, September 16)

The Dodgers will bring back fan-favorite Friday Night Fireworks for the 2011 season. Fans can watch the fireworks show from the outfield grass after the game. Additionally, a Monday fireworks show will take place on July 4th (vs. NYM) in 2011.

HALF-PRICE FOOD AND DRINKS (April 21, May 4, June 15, June 22, August 10, August 31)

The Dodgers are pleased to announce a new valuable promotion for the 2011 season. Fans can enjoy half-price food and drinks for the first time ever on all mid-week day games during the 2011 season.

SIX BOBBLEHEAD NIGHTS (May 17, June 1, June 14, July 7, July 26, August 9)

The Dodgers are increasing the number of Bobblehead giveaways in 2011. The first Bobblehead giveaway of the year on May 17 (vs. MIL) will feature Clayton Kershaw. Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly will be the Bobblehead giveaway on June 1 (vs. COL) and Andre Ethier Bobblehead night is July 7 (vs. NYM). Two additional Bobblehead giveaways will take place June 14 (vs. CIN) and August 9 (vs. PHI).


The Dodgers will celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Fernandomania" all season long in 2011. Fernando Valenzuela was the emergency starter on Opening Day 1981 when he hurled a 2-0 shutout over Houston. The phenomenon of "Fernandomania" ensued shortly thereafter. While leading the Dodgers to the World Championship that year, he became the first player in Major League history to be named Rookie of the Year and to win a Cy Young in the same season.

To commemorate "Fernandomania" the Dodgers will have a Fernando Valenzuela fleece blanket night on April 19 (vs. ATL) and a Bobblehead giveaway of the legendary lefty on July 26 (vs. COL).


The Dodgers will have two other Fleece Blanket giveaway nights in 2011 in addition to Valenzuela's. A new sleeved fleece blanket, ranked in the top two items most wanted by fans in a club survey, will be the giveaway on April 3 (vs. SF) and fleece blankets will be given to fans on April 19 (vs. ATL) and September 13 (vs. AZ).

KIDS GIVEAWAYS (May 15, August 14, August 28):

On May 15 (vs. AZ), the Dodgers will give kids a James Loney batting practice jersey. At summer's end, the Dodgers will offer two Back-to-School giveaways for kids, a backpack on August 14 (vs. HOU) and a lunchbox on August 28 (vs. COL).

SPECIALTY ITEMS (Retro 1981 World Series T-Shirt May 1, Cooler Bag May 3, Father's Day BBQ Apron June 19, Beach Towel June 21, Sports Bag July 31) AND HATS ( April 14, July 24, (USC) September 15, (UCLA) September 20)

Dodger specialty items are highlights of the 2011 promotional schedule and include a retro 1981 World Series t-shirt giveaway on May 1 (vs. SD) and a Dodger cooler bag on May 3 (vs. CHI). A BBQ apron, also ranked in the top two most wanted items by fans in a club survey, will be the giveaway on Father's Day June 19 (vs. HOU). On June 21 (vs. DET), fans will receive a Dodger beach towel. A Dodger sports bag will be given out to fans on July 31 (vs. AZ). The USC Night and Cardinal and Gold hat giveaway is on September 15 (vs. PIT) and UCLA's Night and the Blue and Gold cap giveaway is on September 20 (vs. SF). Additional Dodger hat giveaways are scheduled for April 14 and July 24.

VIVA LOS DODGERS DAYS (April 3, April 17, May 1, May 15, May 29, June 19, June 26, July 10, July 31, August 14, August 28, September 17)

Returning for the 2011 season is "Viva Los Dodgers Day," a season-long celebration that occurs each Sunday of every Dodger homestand celebrating Hispanic culture in Los Angeles and the legacy of Latin American Dodger players past and present. Starting two hours prior to each Sunday's game, fans can enjoy live music and a family-friendly celebration. The initiative culminates with La Gran Fiesta: Viva Los Dodgers on Saturday, September 17.

2011 Promotional Schedule
  • 3/31-Opening Day/Magnet Schedule presented by AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN
  • 4/3-Viva Los Dodgers presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE,
  • 4/3-Dodgers Sleeved Fleece Blanket presented by STATE FARM
  • 4/14-Specialty Hat Giveaway
  • 4/15-Jackie Robinson Night & Friday Night Fireworks
  • 4/17-Viva Los Dodgers presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 4/19-Fernando Valenzuela Fleece Blanket presented by TIME WARNER CABLE
  • 4/21-Half-Price Food & Drink
  • 4/29-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 5/1-Viva Los Dodgers Retro '81 & World Series T-Shirt presented by HYUNDAI
  • 5/3-Cooler Bag presented by PRESENTED BY COCA-COLA
  • 5/4-Half-Price Food & Drink
  • 5/13-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 5/15-Viva Los Dodgers & Kids James Loney BP Jersey presented by DREYERS GRAND ICE CREAM
  • 5/17-Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead presented by BANK OF AMERICA
  • 5/27-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 5/28-Bark in the Park
  • 5/29-Viva Los Dodgers presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 5/30-Dodger Dog Day
  • 6/1-Don Mattingly Bobblehead presented by CARL'S JR.
  • 6/14-Bobblehead
  • 6/15-Half-Price Food & Drink
  • 6/17-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 6/19-Viva Los Dodgers & Fathers Day BBQ Apron presented by FARMER JOHN
  • 6/21-Beach Towel presented by USC UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
  • 6/22-Half-Price Food & Drink
  • 6/24- Friday Night Fireworks
  • 6/25-Photo Day
  • 6/26-Viva Los Dodgers presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 7/4-July 4th Fireworks presented by BANK OF AMERICA
  • 7/7-Andre Ethier Bobblehead presented by SAN MANUEL INDIAN BINGO & CASINO
  • 7/8-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 7/10-Viva Los Dodgers presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 7/22-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 7/24-Viva Los Dodgers & Dodger Cap presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 7/26-Fernandomania Bobblehead
  • 7/29-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 7/31-Viva Los Dodgers & Sports Bag presented by UNITED ARILNES
  • 8/9-Bobblehead presented by KAISER PERMANENTE
  • 8/10-Half-Price Food & Drink
  • 8/12-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 8/14-Viva Los Dodgers & Kids Backpack presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 8/26-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 8/28-Viva Los Dodgers & Kids Lunch Box presented by STATE FARM, TIME WARNER CABLE, CHEVROLET
  • 8/31-Half-Price Food & Drink
  • 9/13-Fleece Blanket
  • 9/15-USC Night and Cardinal & Gold Dodgers Hat
  • 9/16-Friday Night Fireworks
  • 9/17-La Gran Fiesta - Viva Los Dodgers presented by COCA COLA, HYUNDAI, TIME WARNER CABLE
  • 9/18-Fan Appreciation Day
  • 9/20-UCLA Night and Blue & Gold Dodgers Hat presented by STATE FARM
While supplies last. Giveaways are for the first 50,000 valid tickets, unless otherwise noted. Only one giveaway per ticket will be given to the bearer of the ticket upon entering the stadium. Please see for details and restrictions. SCHEUDLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

First 15,000 kids 14 & under in attendance

For more information on 2011 giveaways and schedule, please visit Fans can purchase tickets now at,, or by calling 866-DODGERS.

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