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10/07/06 4:36 PM ET

Grady Little pregame interview

Dodgers manager discusses Garciaparra's role in Game 3

What have you said to your team in terms of relating your memories of your comeback with Boston against Oakland and what have you said to them about that?

GRADY LITTLE: It's basically very simple. All we have passed along to them, all we have passed along to them is that that team across the way better sweep us. And that's pretty much the basics of it all. We're still playing, it's important that we play good. And we got to win the game today. And that's it.

Have you guys said anything to James Loney about trying to stay within himself, for lack of a better term, today when he gets out there?

GRADY LITTLE: This guy has hit .380 all season long. He's done a good job at the times that he played for us here earlier and later. He's an outstanding defensive player and he knows what to do with that bat in his hands. And we know that he'll be ready to play.

What's the role for Nomar today? One pinch-hitting appearance then a pinch runner and when would be the optimum time to use him?

GRADY LITTLE: Well, I tell you what, right now we're undecided if that's a wise decision even to do that. To tell you the truth.

There's a lot at stake out there if he goes in and tears that thing all the way, it will require surgery and we're not sure we're going to put him through that.

So it's really going to be a gamble if he sees any action at all.

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Is that something that you and he have talked about already or would it be kind of a spur of the moment asking him how he feels?

GRADY LITTLE: No, we have talked about it already. And he of course is willing to do whatever I ask him to do. And so I doubt if I'm going to ask him to do that.

If there's a game tomorrow, you're still a hundred percent set on Brad Penny as the starting pitcher?

GRADY LITTLE: Yes, Brad Penny will start the game tomorrow.

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