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07/29/08 7:09 PM ET

Delwyn Young chat wrapup

Outfielder spoke with Dodgers fans on many topics

Dodgers' outfielder Delwyn Young fielded fans' questions during a live Web chat on Tuesday. Young addressed a variety of questions from his role with the club and his current injury, to Tuesday's earthquake and his infamous movie career.

toby111213: Q: How was the earthquake for you?
Young: It was my alarm clock. I was in bed sleeping and at first I thought it was construction because they're working across the street. LaRoche was running through the house screaming and hollering. But this wasn't my first rodeo, so I never really got out of bed.
kemp27: Q: Who do you hangout with the most when your not playing baseball?
Young: My niece, my grandparents and Leon. Is that really you, Matt?
dodgrfan805: Q: I know you and Kemp are good friends, in fact he stated you were his idol in a recent chat. between you two, who is the better singer?
Young: Leon is. He has a better voice but I have better moves. I can be his background dancer.
Young: He does the signing, I do the dancing. Tickets are available at your nearest Ticketmaster outlet.
Buckner22: Q: If you had a favorite position to play, what would it be?
Young: Center field.
Young: Or shortstop, actually.
rmlvr55: Q: Hey Delwyn! Who are your idols/mentors?
Young: Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Tommy Lasorda and Jackie Robinson. All inspirational people that have made an important contribution in my life!
RMARTIN55: Q: HEY DY! YOU'RE AMAZING! Was that your first earthquake?
Young: No, I was in Northridge for the Northridge quake in '94. I was about three miles from the epicenter. I remember it sounding like a train was coming through the house and I pushed a bunk bed off from falling on me because I was sleeping on the floor. I felt like a superhero the next day.
Young: We lived in a three-level condo and we were going down the stairwell and it was going side to side.
lagirl27: Q: DY- you were at Matt Kemp's chat...So is he at yours?
Young: No, he big leagued me.
dodgrfan805: Q: I know u play video games, (dont pretend u dont) which is your fave that you feel you can beat everyone at.
Young: PS3 College football. I hold the clubhouse title for that.
luvhuston20: Q: Hey Delwyn! Congrats on the year I love watching you play. Now I met Andy and Russell a few weeks ago and they both said they were single but the only one I really care about knowing is you. Do you have a girlfriend? Also what are your hobbies outside of baseball.
Young: My hobbies outside of baseball are going to the beach and watching the sun set in Manhattan Beach. I'll have to get back to you on the first part!
bruinlove3: Q: hey delwyn! it's nice to know someone from the antelope valley has made it to the big leagues. do you visit littlerock often, since you are only about an hour away?
Young: During the winter I go back. I know some teachers that are still there. Periodically at the games, I'll see classmates. I actually saw someone the other night that I knew back in high school. Here's a shout out to all my Lobos out there.
dodgerlvr1: Q: where are you doing this chat at?
Young: We're in the public relations office because the training room was too crowded.
marler: Q: how did you get the nick name pee wee?
Young: Obviously as most can tell, I'm not the biggest guy in stature. My grandpa gave it to me when I was a kid. Some people say peanut but you're right, it's actually Pee Wee.
G*********k: Q: What happened to ur "Lean like a Cholo" song?
Young: Why, was it a fan favorite? I just decided to go with a new song...new year, new tune.
boblw: Q: Do you have a favorit football team?
Young: USC Trojans!
saintsfan9: Q: Does Jeff Kent really listen Lil Wayne with Kemp to get fired up. Im from louisiana so i hope so!! Young: Yeah...they go in the training room and listen together. It's a sight you have you to see! Usually Jeff has his headphones on, but that's ok!
drewr0x: Q: did people ever say you were to small to play pro ball?
Young: Always. They said I was too small for football, I was too short for basketball and I couldn't play baseball at all. It just goes to show you that if you put your mind to it, little guys can do anything. If Spud Webb can do it, why can't I? I'm not trying to dunk, I'm trying to hit a baseball.
ivan27: Q: Growing up, who was your favorite MLB team?
Young: The Dodgers were. Born and raised.
ddgrfreak: Q: hey dy i know coach arvizo i was one of his player my first year at his school =].. he tells me your a great player.. did you ever think you would make it this far?
Young: Of course I did. I always had that vision as a little kid growing up, being part of the wave and eating Dodger dogs, I always believed I could be like Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez and steal home at Dodger Stadium.
think-blue: Q: hey DY! what's your favorite type of music?
Young: Beethoven ... actually R&B and hip hop.
rickywins: Q: yo dy ill smoke you at college football.
Young: Go practice for a week before I even think about playing you
G*********k: Q: Who taught u how to Switch-Hit?
Young: My dad. I started my junior year in high school. I stopped playing football and I started hitting left-handed. Best mistake of my life!
marler: Q: Whats the greatest thing about being a Dodger?
Young: Playing in the city where I was born and raised. Being close to my family.
banan13: Q: Is it hard not playing everyday?
Young: Absolutely. Learning how to make adjustments without playing every day is the biggest adjustment there is. But I'm starting to get used to it. As long as we win, at the end of the day I don't care.
cortez310: Q: How are you Delwyn have you gotten the chance to meet Mr. Vin Scully?
Young: Absolutely. What a great man he is. At first it was weird seeing Vin because I'd always heard his voice. But once I got used to seeing him in my work setting, it's awesome being around a legend like him.
jam422: Q: How is your injury?
Young: It's getting better. It doesn't hurt as much to sneeze now. I can't wait to come back healthy.
reedsmama: Q: What is your favorite food at Dodger Stadium?
Young: Dodger dog with everything. The works. Mustard, ketchup, onions and relish.
Dodgerdope: Q: Do you mind the fans calling you PEE-WEE or is the nicknames only reserved for teammates and family to call you that?
Young: I don't mind at all. We've already had one Pee Wee in Dodger history...might as well make it two.
0dgrblue: Q: Have you tried the new trolly service?
Young: I've ridden a train or two in my time. But I have to be at the park a little early for the Dodger Trolley.
dodger342: Q: Do you like rollercoasters? Have you been to Six Flags Magic Mountain?
Young: I haven't been there since I was in high school. I'm not too big of a roller coaster fan, but if you're a good salesman, I'll get on one.
G*********k: Q: Do u know why James Loney changes his song like every AB?
Young: I've been playing with Loney since 2002 and there are still things I can't figure out why he does them. Weird game James.
Dodgerdope: Q: In Billingsly's blog he said he was going to post some of the rookie haze photos, but never did. What did they dress you up as?
Young: I was either Cinderella or Snow White. I can't remember.
stizaza: Q: usc trojans??? no love for the sbcc Vaqueros ???
Young: When I was there, the football team didn't win a game so until they prove me wrong, I'll stick with SC.
blueboytoo: Q: It seems like every time you go up to bat, you get a hit. What is your mental approach, especially when pinch-hitting late in games?
Young: If I gave away all my secrets, all I would do is make outs! But, I just look for a pitch that I can handle and hit it where they're not.
estephen: Q: Are you the greatest baseball player to ever come out of RCC?
Young: I know from my time, there was a lot of guys that got drafted. Their history is too long so that's up to someone else to judge.
boblw: Q: Did you ever pickle the beast? lol
Young: Yeah. I outran Hercules, just like Benny did!
dodgrfan805: Q: Of the current pitchers on our staff, who would you least like to face?
Young: Beimel. That's my boy.
Justin98: Q: How big a cancer is Andruw Jones to the team?
Young: How can you call somebody a cancer when they're arguably a Hall of Famer. Even though he's had a rough few months, remember, this is the hardest thing to do in professional sports.
bokonon42: Q: Would you trade Matt Kemp for Jack Wilson? What would have to be wrong with somebody who thought that was a good deal?
Young: Is that a serious question?
brendan54: Q: Hey Del, what is your favorite memory from your time at RCC?
Young: Hitting the ball off the Fresno State scoreboard in the state championships.
shaki08: Q: How did you end up in the movie "Stuck on You"?
Young: A friend of the family is a stunt coordinator and he talked me into doing it because I didn't want to do it. I've come to find out, I'm a movie star now!
RMARTIN55: Q: What are you going to do after this chat?
Young: Get my treatment ... so I've got time for one more question.
think-blue: Q: i saw you in the bullpen last and i saw Cory Wade throw some water on you! do you guys do pranks on eachother a lot? if so whats the worst prank the players have done to you?
Young: We were in Vero Beach and Broxton had a three foot alligator by the tail and he threw it at me when I was in the shower.
Young: Thanks everyone for taking part in the chat. I gotta get back downstairs. We'll do it again sometime...

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