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09/02/08 6:18 PM ET

Chat recap: Greg Maddux

Veteran hurler answers fans' question in live Web chat

darrena: Hi Greg! Glad to have you back!! How do you keep such an even keel over the course of a long season?

Greg Maddux: Just enjoy each day as it comes. I look forward to tomorrow and try not to think too much about it.

mikeysaces: Do you plan on being a Pro golfer like your fellow teammate John Smoltz after you retire?

Maddux: No, I do not. I just play the game of golf for kicks. I'm not good enough to even consider making any money off it.

dodgrfan805: I'll be in San Diego next week for my birthday and I plan on seeing the game. Any suggestions for a good place to eat before or after the game?

Maddux: Flemings right next to the ballpark is awesome. Don't take my table!

nomoknower: I'm a huge fan, Greg. Question: How do you use or work against the pitching/scouting report on a particular batter? Talk through playing off of what he expects you to throw, or what he doesn't expect? Thanks, go Dodgers!

Maddux: It's a combination of what I feel like I can execute the best and what pitch the hitter cannot hit the hardest. Sometimes it's a toss up. When you find yourself in that situation, you always make them beat you at what you do best.

ptchr31: Glad to have you back with the club!! Any advice for us young pitcher in college looking to improve and move into the higher levels?

Maddux: Try to get better each day. There's no shortcuts to success. You try and get a little bit better every day.

trublu55: Whats it like for you too be back in Dodger blue again?

Maddux: It feels like old times.

dodgrfan805: The other day Derek Lowe almost got stabbed by a broken bat. Batters say they "prefer" the bats they are correctly using. How do you think pitchers feel about it?

Maddux: I think Derek Lowe should have reacted a little quicker and he wouldn't have even gotten close to getting hit!! If he could improve on his cat-like reflexes, next time it'll be a safer place for him to stand and throw baseballs.

Maddux: In all seriousness, I think the hitters can use whatever bat they want, as long as they're legal. I'm thinking about using one myself.

ladchamps: What kind of energy does Manny Ramirez bring to the clubhouse?

Maddux: Good energy. He's easy to get along with, fun to play with and a hell of a hitter.

dodgrfan805: After the first inning in yesterday's game, you approached the umpire and had a conversation. Did you tell him how horrible his calls were in that inning?

Maddux: His calls weren't horrible. I was just missing. I forget what we were talking about, but it had nothing to do with the strike zone.

texansteve: Is Dodger Stadium the most pitcher-friendly ballpark you've called "home"?

Maddux: No, PETCO is. It's harder to hit a home run there than it is here. Plus, the infield at PETCO is better and it's easier for the fielders to field as well. There are no bad hops at PETCO.

beast37: Greg, do you feel confident that the team can make a push and make the playoffs?

Maddux: Yeah. Absolutely. I look forward to finding out if I'm right or not!

yankeeog: Do you believe that no matter what, size doesn't matter in the big leagues? Like suppose somebody is 5-foot-5, do you think he can still be successful just like yourself?

Maddux: To me, if you locate your fastball and change speeds, it doesn't matter if you're 4'5 or 7'5.

Buckner22: What does it take to be a good fielding pitcher who wins 17 Gold Gloves?

Maddux: You should really have your delivery allow you to be in a fielding position when you finish so that you can catch balls up the middle that some pitchers can't get to because they're falling off the mound sideways. Then, you just work on it, think about plays in advance and execute.

nomah2: What is your favorite professional sports team outside of baseball?

Maddux: UNLV basketball. That's not really pro, but I have season tickets.

lodoyer: Why don't you wear an undershirt?

Maddux: It's cooler not to.

lodoyer: Do you think Sarah Palin is a qualified candidate for a vice president?

Maddux: Absolutely, because John McCain picked her!

trueblue90: Who was your childhood role model?

Maddux: In baseball, it was probably Pete Rose.

wpmsd: Greg, after you retire, do you plan to write a book to share your insights into the game and anecdotes from your playing career?

Maddux: I really don't have any plans to do that.

atlntabvs: Which hitter challenged you the most over the years?

Maddux: Barry Bonds.

parkrocks: What would you consider the most precious thing in your life?

Maddux: My kids.

trndkll101: As a 17-time Gold Glove winner, do you think C.C. Sabathia's play the other night was an error or not?

Maddux: I thought it was 100 percent an error, under the circumstances.

snats: Being an avid golfer, I've heard rumor that you also dabble in the sport. Having recently been in Philly for the four-game nightmare, did have the opportunity to get down to Pine Valley. Do you find it to be the most humbling course you've ever played? Thanks.

Maddux: It's definitely one of them. The Medalist in Florida is probably the toughest, in my opinion. And any other course I'm snaphooking on that day!

dawiggaman: What's your favorite thing to do in LA?

Maddux: Play a nice golf course and then go to Dodger Stadium and watch a ballgame.

benevolent: How have you managed to take care of your arm for so long?

Maddux: I found a routine that works and I stick to it.

blueman55: Greg, It's Guy Beckwith from Vegas, glad you are back with the Dodgers. You thinking about playing another year?

Maddux: Hey Guy. Give Rodney a wedgie for me!

ginnycase8: I'm impressed with your baserunning. Who has helped you the most with your baserunning technique?

Maddux: The numerous coaches I've had over the years, but Tom Trebelhorn proabably started it. He was the bench coach when I was in Chicago. The first time I thought about running the bases better, he was there to help me.

thinkla: Who is your favorite player to get out?

Maddux: My brother, Mike. I used to love getting him out!

hguerrero: Do you like your teammates?

Maddux: Most of them! But a few are starting to bug me!

mmike22079: Do like the instant replay?

Maddux: I haven't been around it yet to hate it, but I'm sure I will...

elchief: How is to play for Mr. Torre?

Maddux: It's cool to play for one of the all-time greats.

atlntabvs: Why #31?

Maddux: That's what was hanging up in my locker when I started. That's all.

skaterats: When a pitcher gets and RBI single like you did last night, do you ever go back to the dugout and say, "Now thats how its done."

Maddux: Nah. I'm usually trying to catch my breath from running the bases.

Shankle: Do you guys ever want to pass the Diamondbacks or is second place alright?

Maddux: We're doing what we can to catch 'em! Second place sucks.

wpmsd: If the 2008 Greg faced off against the 1988 version, who would win: wily veteran or fresh-faced kid?

Maddux: The '88 version would definitely win.

lot_lizard: How do you handle hat hair?

Maddux: I don't take my hat off! Wear a hat in public...

k-sink: Do you consider Roger Clemens to be a cheater?

Maddux: No.

sickdog714: Greg, how important is the all-time wins record to you?

Maddux: It's not important at all to me.

mikeysaces: What choice of beer do you recommend?

Maddux: I'm a wine drinker... beer makes me have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

turneratl_2: Do you miss your playing days in Atlanta?

Maddux: I miss watching John Smoltz go bald!

parkrocks: Who's your favorite golfer?

Maddux: Tiger

ment0z: Who is your favorite all-time teammate?

Maddux: John Smoltz, because he set up golf in every single city we ever played in, and he's going bald at a very alarming rate!

Maddux: Thank you all for taking part in the chat today. Hope to see you out here soon.

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