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09/17/08 6:48 PM ET

Traffic stop stuns Dodgers

Players were passengers in SUV stopped by police

PITTSBURGH -- Dodgers players Russell Martin, Joe Beimel and Delwyn Young were still a little stunned Wednesday afternoon after being involved in an early morning traffic stop outside PNC Park.

The three Dodgers had dined at a restaurant across the street from the ballpark after Tuesday night's 6-2 Dodgers win over the Pirates and hitched a ride to the team hotel from Pirates outfielder Nyjer Morgan. His black SUV had barely left the restaurant parking lot when he was pulled over.

Officers told Morgan the stop was made because his tinted windows violated Pennsylvania law. He and the three Dodgers were removed from the car one by one, searched, then were told to sit on the curb while officers searched the vehicle.

Ultimately, all were released with no citations issued and Morgan completed the shuttle to the hotel.

"I was texting in the back seat, and before you know it, we're sitting on the curb and it's like, what's going on right now?" Martin said. "It was kind of cold and we're sitting there and I was just trying to get to the hotel to get some rest.

"I guess we fit the description pretty good -- we're in Pittsburgh, young, African-American driver, nice car. It was embarrassing."

Young said the same thing happened to him for the same reason in Las Vegas. Beimel, a former member of the Pirates who grew up in Pennsylvania and was having dinner with family after the game, said it's happened to him.

"Guess they're pretty strict with it here," he said.

Morgan was more than a little annoyed.

"I was just embarrassed. It was really embarrassing since it happened right in front of the stadium," he said. "They made me get out of the car and were searching me. It was ridiculous. Then they made a big deal about it and he called and four other police cars came. It was all for tinted windows."

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