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10/01/08 11:03 PM ET

James Loney postgame interview

Says everyone on team expects one another to get job done

Can you take us through your at bat that you got the two quick strikes on, what was going through your mind? Did you adjust during your at bat?

JAMES LONEY: Yeah, I was trying to get something up. I swung at the first three that were real low. I had to make the adjustment, and the one I hit was a little bit higher.

I'll ask you the same thing I asked Joe because he had mentioned before an at bat you had here in May where you hit one way foul, and then kind of had a bad strikeout on the next pitch, 0-2. Was that sort of a teachable moment? Did that kind of work, adjust your approach, or have you adjusted your approach? Have you learned from that?

JAMES LONEY: Yeah, I mean, I think both of those at bats were with the bases loaded. But it's different pitchers. Dempster was out there for a while. He was having a little control problems. Guys were getting on base, and fortunately we came through.

Did you guys have a game plan to be patient with Dempster, or was it just he was just wild?

JAMES LONEY: I mean, for me the game plan is take balls, swing at strikes. So that's my patience. I know a lot of guys think like that. That's how we try to go about it.

Were those first two pitches strikes? They seemed like balls.


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Were you being caught up in the moment maybe or what was going through your head?

JAMES LONEY: I mean, they looked like strikes at first (laughter).

Could you just talk about the feeling of hitting a grand slam in a playoff game like this?

JAMES LONEY: Oh, yeah, it's great. The atmosphere here was real quiet as I was going around the bases. So I think our fans were cheering back home.

A lot has been made about the impact of Manny Ramirez in the lineup. What have you noticed specifically for yourself about the way he's been pitched since he's been on the team?

JAMES LONEY: I haven't noticed too much. Guys want to talk about that all the time, but I think just getting good pitches to hit, that's what we've been doing lately.

How much more relaxed are you guys than a couple years ago? How much different of a team is this? It seems like you are a lot more calm out here than you have been?

JAMES LONEY: I mean, guys on the team, they expect results, no matter how young they are or how old they are. Whoever is in there, they expect to get the job done.

That's how we go about it.

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