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10/05/08 1:55 AM ET

A postgame interview with Kuroda

Dodgers starting pitcher talks about beating the Cubs in NLDS

Obviously the two starters before you in the series had very strong games. Did you talk with Derek and Chad at all about an approach you should take with these guys and did they contribute to some of the success tonight?

HIROKI KURODA: I got really helpful advice from them, not just from these two games but throughout the season. They've been pitching really well and I learned a lot from them. And my objective for the season was to follow their lead. They were pitching really well and I wanted to pitch as well as they did.

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You pitched three times against the Cubs and always very well. How have you been able to control their lineup?

HIROKI KURODA: I think it's just a mere coincidence I was able to hold them the two games during the season and this game.

But I must say that I didn't have all my stuff today. But watching those two games in Chicago and the fans cheering, I rode the wave along with the fans.

You said you didn't have all of your stuff tonight. What was working for you that seemed to shut down the Cubs?

HIROKI KURODA: The last time I pitched against them here at Dodger Stadium I had good command of my slider. And I think I put input there in their mind that that was my pitch. But I really didn't have my slider today. But I was able to dominate them with my slider.

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