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10/13/08 12:01 AM ET

A postgame interview with Kuroda

Dodgers Game 3 winner talks about his confrontation with Victorino

How do you feel now after a big victory?

HIROKI KURODA: After losing two in a row, I wanted to change the momentum, so I feel good that we had a big victory.

The pitch that went over Shane Victorino's head, what did you intend to do with that pitch?

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HIROKI KURODA: I tried to pitch inside and it just slipped out of my hand.

What was said between you and Shane Victorino and who said it first?

HIROKI KURODA: Well, since my language skills, it's kind of limited, so I didn't know anything he was saying and I forgot what I said.

So it was the passion of the game and everyone was really excited.

Even given the language barrier, were you able to pick up the gist of what was going on? Obviously it appeared to be a tense situation there?

HIROKI KURODA: I felt the tension, but, like I said, I don't really understand English so I don't know what was being said. But when I go on the mound I'm a different person. I become passionate about the game. So that's pretty normal what goes on out there.

Before the game, you mentioned that you have -- before the game you mentioned that you have to pitch really well early in the game, and you seemed to struggle a little bit early in the game, but later on you seemed to get rhythm going. And what did you have to adjust, if anything, and what did you have to do to get in the rhythm?

HIROKI KURODA: I didn't think I pitched that bad early in the game, but the big support was our offense. I had a big run support early in the game, so that helped me to get into my rhythm.

Before the game [Joe] Torre said that the pitcher has to pitch both sides of the plate. And what did you think about your pitching tonight?

HIROKI KURODA: Not just this game, but I usually use both sides of the plate in order to have an effective outing.

And after the third inning, after what happened, it was really hard to pitch inside, but after everything calmed down I was able to again use both sides of the plate.

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