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06/09/09 7:37 PM ET

Dodgers' Hudson chats with fans

Second baseman discusses his love of LA and more

dodgersguest: Thank you all for being a part of the chat today. Let's get started.

wize11: Explain the two finger over the heart handhake and where it came from please.

dodgersguest: That's to my homeboys that passed away that I played high school ball with. My man Trey Dodson and Brandon Rouse and Derrick Dubose.

THINKBLUE1990: Hey Orlando, how do you like LA, and the Los Angeles Dodgers so far??

dodgersguest: I Love LA. Hopefully I'll sign a long-term deal here.

ladgr14: What do you like most of all being in Dodger Blue?

dodgersguest: There's a lot of history. Me, being an African-American playing second base and one of the most well-known, most poweful African-American men, Mr. Jackie Robinson, played second base.

dodgersguest: To follow in his footsteps means a lot to me.

dodgerkid818: Who was your infuence growing up?

dodgersguest: My parents.

iamrussell: What inspired you to just Young Jeezy as your batting song(s)?

dodgersguest: He's born and raised in South Carolina and moved to Atlanta. I'm born and raised there, too, and my second home is Atlanta, too. Plus, he's the hottest D-boy around.


dodgersguest: The team has been doing great. Of course, the big boy is missed but we're going to hold on unitl boy boy gets back.

AinBonsall: Why did you chose to play at second base?

dodgersguest: That was Dave Stewart, the ex Asst. Gm of the Blue Jays, put me there. He thought I could get to the big leagues sooner than if I was playing third base with the numbers I put up.

indygurl: what are the initials on your wristbands?

dodgersguest: It's my three homeboys I mentioned earlier.

Oblivion: How do you and your teamates respect Torre and the dodger organization, especially your first season with them?

dodgersguest: You've got to respect Mr. Torre. He knows the game a lot and means a lot to us. He makes it fun to play this game.

ml90291: Hi O-Dog! You are such a sweetie to the Umpire and Catcher when you come up for your first at bat. Have you always done this?

dodgersguest: Always. If I've played against them, we talk about home or family. I tell the umpire 'don't be ringing me up today.'

DodgerBoy52: do you feel you should get an invite to the allstar game? i know you deserve it but how do you feel about it?

dodgersguest: If I do, it's all good but if I don't, it's all good too.

dodgerkid818: Who is the "Class Clown" on the Dodgers??

dodgersguest: You're talking to him!

wize11: Best eats in Darlington SC?

dodgersguest: BBQ and Soul Food. I can't think of the names of the places right now, though.

rauldodger: How is that wrist feeling?

dodgersguest: My wrist feels great. It responded much better than I thought it would.

biggiec64: how did it feel to hit for the cycle opening day?

dodgersguest: Man, that felt great. hitting it in front of the greatest fans in baseball, all that Dodger blue, packed house, out in Hollywood...it couldn't have been scripted better. I've gotta give God my thanks on that one.

hitnrun2: Who do you like to hang around with on the team?

dodgersguest: Juan Pierre. I got back to A-ball with him since 1999.

bigblue13: why did you switch from number 30 to 13

dodgersguest: Because 13 is a lower number. 13 is the closest I can get to No. 1. I don't hit enough home runs to wear #30.

55lover: Where are you doing this chat from? Is anyone else around?

dodgersguest: We're in the back room of the training room in the clubhouse. Those guys are out front working on the players. They do a hell of a job making us ready to play.

fightdude: who were your favorite players growing up?

dodgersguest: Barry Larkin because he played shortstop and so did I growing up. Also Chipper Jones.

dodgerkid818: How has the C.A.T.C.H foundation changed your life and the lives of others?

dodgersguest: God put me in a position to help others and I'm trying my best to cure Autism through change and hope. It gives me an opportunity give those kids a chance at a great life, the same as everybody else.

dodgersguest: I'm going to keep striving to make it better for everyone.

indygurl: what do you like to do in your free time?

dodgersguest: Mostly just chill with the family and what LMN (the lifetime network)

billyb123: We love having you here. Would you consider signing a contract extension before the end of the season?

dodgersguest: Of course I would. I wouldn't mind signing a 10-year deal to play here. Everybody is great- - the front office, the training staff, my teammates, the fans, etc.

Oblivion: What others sports did you play growing up , and what made you go towards baseball in the end?

dodgersguest: I played baseball, basketball and football and my dad made the choice for me. Too much injury in football. But now that I'm in baseball, I'm dedicating time to help African Americans play this great game.

dodgersguest: After all that Mr. Jackie Robinson went through to open the doors for us, I've been working with all the other African-American players around the league to help us send the message that these kids can play this great game.

mrtrav: What's your favorite stadium to play at?

dodgersguest: Old Yankee Stadium

maw66jrr: From Clearwater, FL Mom: It was announced during a recent game that your Mother was recovering from surgery. How is kit feeling? Call me!!

dodgersguest: Thanks for checking on her. My mom is doing great and I WILL give you a call. I'll tell her that you asked about her and said hello!

rauldodger: Do you have a Twitter or Myspace?

dodgersguest: Nope. That's for kids!

sauerkraut: Is Josh Rawitch there? Hes the man!!!!!

dodgersguest: Yes, he is. And he is a damn good dude.

ptchr31: Any advice for a college player looking to continue his career after college?

dodgersguest: Stick with it. There's going to be some ups and downs but you've gotta hang in there.

eladodgers: favorite restaurant here in l.a.?????

dodgersguest: Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

khiem: What is your favorite movie?

dodgersguest: Menace II Society

dodgersguest: and Old Yeller

82dodger: any hobbies or rare collections???

dodgersguest: Yeah, I fish and hunt.

dodgerkid818: Where can I get some of those custom Nikes you wore on Jackie Robinson day?

dodgersguest: You can't! You gotta be a big dog like myself!! Limited edition

dodgersguest: LOL

55lover: The laker game is tonight and everyone knows your fan, will you and Matt Kemp be checking the score every once in a while?

dodgersguest: Oh yeah. Gotta see if Dwight Howard drops 45 with 15 rebounds and 12 blocks!

trBlueDC: Your great with the media. Any chance of broadcasting when you are done playing?

dodgersguest: Thanks but nope. I'll be chillin with my kids, fishing and hunting, and that's it.

iamrussell: Where did the nickname "O-Dog" come from?

dodgersguest: It's from the movie, Menace II Society...the character O-Dog

LA_Cleveland_Fan: What milestones do you hope to accomplish in your career?

dodgersguest: If you're talking from a personal standpoint, I'd like to get 2,000 hits. 10 plus Gold Gloves. And hopefully the Hall of Fame.

1dodgerfa_2: Orlando your a great guy! how do you manage to always keep a great attitude?

dodgersguest: Thanks. God blessed me in the position to be here. Waking up every day and putting on a Major league uniform is an incredible feeling. If it's 0-for-4 or 4-for-4, it's all good.

dodgersguest: Thanks for hanging out. Thanks for the love everybody and the support. See you at the stadium soon.

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