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06/23/09 6:12 PM ET

Kershaw answers fans' questions

Dodgers starter takes time to talk about his experience

melsons: What is your favorite baseball moment you have experienced since being drafted by the Dodgers in 2006?

Kershaw: I'd have to say when I was first called up to the big leagues. Growing up, that was my dream ... so to finally get there it was really special.

dodgrgrl11: When you get a day off, how do you spend your day?

Kershaw: I always see a movie on my off days. I'm a big movie guy.

Kershaw: If I'm not pitching the next day, maybe I'll go to the beach.

fancyghost: Do you have a nickname? I saw a kid in the pavilions with a "Clayton Kershaw the Curveball Kid" sign.

Kershaw: Evryone calls me Kersh, but no cool nicknames as of now. Nothing like the Bison, Matt Kemp.

Dodgers16Ethier: I want to know what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?

Kershaw: She's great and I love all her songs, but "Our Song" is the best.

skewp: Clayton, What about being an MLB player has surprised you the most?

Kershaw: The Stadium atmosphere, there is nothing in high school or the Minor Leagues to prepare you for a game at Dodger Stadium.

cilluhhh: How'd it feel going back home to visit when you were playing Texas?

Kershaw: Even though I didn't get to pitch, it was great to go back and be with the team in the stadium I grew up watching games as a fan.

bees13: Congratulations on your outstanding performance against the Angels! Upon choosing to head straight for the show, what was it like for a player your age to immediately play under a manager like Joe Torre? Any thoughts on the Longhorn's loss yesterday?

Kershaw: It's a great experience to have Joe as my first manager, he's terrific with players young and old. I'm blessed.

Kershaw: As for the second part, I'm an Aggie!

rainpaloma_2: If you didn't play Major League Baseball, what would be your career right now?

Kershaw: Most likely, I'd still be in college trying to figure that out at this point.

cheflisa: What pitcher or player influenced you most growing up and who on current dodger staff is helping you most now?

Kershaw: My favorite player growing up was Will Clark, that's why I wear No. 22.

Kershaw: I try to learn from everyone on the staff. There is no one guy that helps more than the other, I try to listen to everyone.

dodgerbuddy: How do you prepare for your game?

Kershaw: I usually just watch video of the opposing hitters, but most importantly I try to relax and take it easy until it's time to go.

iamrussell: pick So what made you the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Snow" as your song?

Kershaw: I like the guitar intro in the beginning and I really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a band.

yamamoto30: Who was your greatest influence and why?

Kershaw: Probably my parents. They were my biggest supporters growing up and it wouldn't have happened without them.

eberle: Hey Clayton, who is your favorite athlete in other sports?

Kershaw: I would have to say Jason Witten, the Cowboys' tight end. I'm a huge Cowboys' fan.

Kershaw: I also love watching Adrian Peterson run.

shyblue: What happened to the "chin strap"?

Kershaw: It'll come back, don't worry.

clutch7: What player on the team's work ethic do you admire the most?

Kershaw: I think as far as pitching goes, the routine that Randy Wolf has is second to none. He does the exact same thing for five straight days and never takes a day off.

claire10: And who do you bond with the most on the Dodgers?

Kershaw: Well, I lived with JMAC (James McDonald) and Brent Leach in the Minors, so it's probably those two guys.

gammahombre: Were you or any of the Dodgers closely following the NBA Finals and the Lakers' championship run?

Kershaw: Yeah, we were all watching closely and a lot of the guys went to some games when our schedule allowed for it. It was great to see how passionate the fans of Los Angeles were during the parade last week.

ladgirl27: What do you like the most about L.A?

Kershaw: It has a little bit of everything, the beach, the sports, Hollywood, you can never be bored!

seesdifferent: Hey, you were a good hitter in high school, what does Mattingly say about your swing?

Kershaw: He says it was probably a good swing in high school, I've got some work to do on this level.

iamrussell: You excited to have Manny come back soon?

Kershaw: Sure, it will be great to see him back, for now, we just have to keep on winning games.

af1stsgt: I am a military member serving overseas and I wanted to know if you've ever traveled abroad, and if you would ever consider visiting the troops overseas?

Kershaw: I've never been overseas, but I would definitely look into doing that. Thank you for all that you do over there. We truly appreciate it!

1dodgerfam: How can I get better at my pitching? I am 8 years old and I'm going to be playing in the minors and its a longer reach than before.

Kershaw: Always have fun with it and keep practicing. The more you practice, the better you get.

koufaxk32: What do you think of the comparisons between you and Sandy Koufax?

Kershaw: It's an honor just to be mentioned in the same sentence as Mr. Koufax. But I have a ton of work to do before the comparisons are even warranted.

Kershaw: One more and then I've got to hit the field, guys!

kaitlin17: Whats you favorite movie?

Kershaw: I love comedies and my favorite is Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. You have to see it.

Kershaw: Most recently, I saw Night at the Museum 2, the first one was definitely better.

Kershaw: Thanks so much guys, I had fun and I hope to speak to you soon. Keep rooting and we'll keep working hard.

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