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07/21/09 6:37 PM ET

Chad Billingsley chat transcript

Right-hander talks about All-Star experience and more

Chad Billingsley: Hi everyone, I just got back from my visit to the Mattel Childrens Hospital and am ready for your questions...Fire Away

uclaball21: Hey Chad, Jason Schmidt pitched pretty well last night. Is it nice having a proven veteran on the team to help you?

Chad Billingsley: It was great to see Jason come back from his injury...he's worked really hard. The guy has had a lot of success for a long time...It's always good to learn from someone like that

bryc123: Now that you've made it to your first All-Star game (congrats!), what is the next big accomplishment you're going for?

Chad Billingsley: I would definitely have to say winning the World Series. That's every big league player's dream. We have a team that is very capable this year.

andrew1313: What was your first All Star experience like? Did you meet President Obama?

Chad Billingsley: The All-Star Game was a childhood dream of mine and the whole time I was there I tried to soak up every minute of it.

Chad Billingsley: I did get to meet the President in the NL clubhouse before the game. He signed a ball for me and seemed like a really down to earth guy

Thanatos_2: I mentor a few little league baseball players. What would you say the most important thing to teach them about pitching is?

Chad Billingsley: I would say being able to continually repeat your proper mechanics. In sddition, you need to build arm strength

dodger7800: What was your favorite team growing up?

Chad Billingsley: The Atlanta Braves because their pitching staff was so dominant and I admired all of them...Smoltz, Maddux, Avery, Glavine...

Chad Billingsley: Then I was fortunate enough to play with Mad Dog for a couple years...not often you get to pitch alongside your childhood hero

rickshaw14: What is your favorite city to visit?

Chad Billingsley: Chicago. Playing at Wrigley is an awesome experience and the city has great restaurants

uclaball21: Hey Chad, I read that when you guys were 20 games over 500 that his new goal is being 25 games over 500. Now that you accomplished that is your goal 30 games over 500? Or do you not worry about the standing and just go out and play?

Chad Billingsley: We just worry about the next game and what we do on the field. Thats the only thing we can control. We'll keep working hard and hopefully the results work out

nando99: Whats your nickname in the clubhouse?

Chad Billingsley: It's pretty simple: Bills

Chad Billingsley: Thats what everyone called my older brother in college, so I guess it just stuck with me when I started hanging around him more often

dodgersno1: Do you see yourself completing your career as a Dodger?

Chad Billingsley: Ive come up through this organization and it seems like a part of my family. Its been special coming up with Russell and James and all the guys

Chad Billingsley: The fans are great in Los Angeles too and I wouldnt mind playing here for a long time

ppoppin: will you ever consider growing mutton chops like jonathan broxtan

Chad Billingsley: no chance, I don't think i can pull it off like Brox

zych7117: hi my name is clark and i love to pitch...im one of the best in my league...but i was just gonna ask what your favorite pitch is in your arsenal

Chad Billingsley: On any given day it could be a few different ones....sometimes it's my curveball and other times it's my fastball

Chad Billingsley: But the most important pitch and my favorite one is a first-pitch strike

bgut13: how are the kids their did they enjoy your visit

Chad Billingsley: The kids were awesome...it was great to meet all the youngsters at the hospital. They have so much strength and it's great to make a difference in their day

TehGreekStallion: Do you think the Dodgers have any real competition in the NL West?

Chad Billingsley: Colorado and San Francisco are two good teams that have been playing really well

Chad Billingsley: We have a lot of season left and have to keep taking care of our business. This won't be easy by any means

josthourot: What NFL team do you root for now?

Chad Billingsley: The Cleveland Browns...it's been a rough go the last few years, but we'll improve

nathallie5: What do you like to do when your not playing baseball?

Chad Billingsley: I love to golf. I get out a lot on the offseason and of course, the Dodgers Dream Foundation Tournament which I played in earlier this year

Chad Billingsley: Just a few more guys, I've got to go run soon

jim2004: Are you doing anything differently this week after the tough start the other night? how do you get mentally prepared after something like that?

Chad Billingsley: In baseball, you have to have a short-term memory because you know you are coming back in a few days to do it all over again

Chad Billingsley: It's just a matter of getting though the tough times because everyone struggles at some point

ChavezRavineEddie: I like the big hack you take at the plate ..... does the staff get much batting pratice time?

Chad Billingsley: We take BP just about every day when we're home....sometimes we take hacks on the road to, so we get out swings in

Chad Billingsley: Last one...

SwishandFlick33_2: Chad, you are the man. What did it feel like to win your first ever postseason series against the cubs last year?

Chad Billingsley: It was an amazing experience. I had a taste in 2006, but was out of the bullpen and we didnt win any games so that was really special

Chad Billingsley: Hopefully, we can build on 2008 and go farther this year

Chad Billingsley: thanks to everyone for writing in, I really appreciate your questions and hope to do this again sometime soon

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