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08/04/09 6:12 PM ET

Chat transcript: Dodgers lefty Randy Wolf

L.A. southpaw talks Wolf Pack, movies, mechanics, more

Randy Wolf: We're ready a few minutes early so let's get started...

budala56: Randy, I am a Valley Girl and am so proud of you and your career. When you first came to the Dodgers, some of your old "wolfpack" friends used to howl when you took the mound. any chance we can start that up again?

Randy Wolf: The Wolf Pack was started in Philly by a loyal group of fans and I think if something like that were to spawn up again here, it would be pretty cool. But it's something I definitely cannot request.

ladgirl27: What did you change your number to #43?

Randy Wolf: First of all, it adds up to seven and 42 was the number that I had for seven years in Philadelphia

Popp: What have you done different this season to have one of your best seasons going

Randy Wolf: I had a somewhat mechanical breakthrough last year when I was traded to the Astros which allows me to be more consistent in my delivery and I think it helps me from having less peaks and valleys throughout the season

lildmatz15: Randy, huge fan. What's the most important part drill that you do to improve your game

Randy Wolf: Well, I think that every time I pick up the ball, it's a chance for me to work on something, so every day I do drills to make sure I keep my mechanics in line. It's too hard to explain in text, but there are drills I do every day.

candace220: Hi Randy! You have done a few changes recently, such as your uniform number, the the way you wear your socks, etc. What is one change that you are most happy with and are there any other changes you plan on making?

Randy Wolf: If you haven't noticed, my luck hasn't been very good this year so I have tried pretty much anything to change the karma even though it's a bad look (the socks).

la_chemist: Randy, thanks for taking my question. I had always wondered; with such a focus on pitch count and arm fatigue, do pitchers work , in their off days, on things they struggled with in their last start, etc? LIke, if a pitcher struggled to hit corners, do

Randy Wolf: Most pitchers have one bullpen in between starts where they usually work on the things that they're short on. Every pitcher is different with things that they need to work on but unlike hitters, we can't take 1000 swings, we can only throw so many times.

ppoppin: what was the last movie you saw

Randy Wolf: I recently saw Funny People. Very funny, yet depressing movie but overall a very good movie.

trublu1972: Hey randy, dodger fans are getting ready for the playoffs and some of us are already talkin WS, what are you guys doing to prepare for the post season?

Randy Wolf: We're not there yet! But the possibility is very exciting since I've never even been in the postseason before. I think you just have to prepare physically and mentally like it's just any other game.

purocks5: Hey Randy, what is your best pitch, and when you throw it well, do you think "wow, that was really a really good one?" Or are all your pitches pretty much the same with none standing out?

Randy Wolf: My fastball is probably my best pitch because it makes the other pitches better. But the one pitch that, if working better that day, is the most fun to throw is my curveball.

ladfaninaz: Hey Randy im worried about our pitching staff, give me something to calm my nerves, PLEASE?

Randy Wolf: As a fan, it's good to be concerned but remember that a very large reason that the Dodgers are where they are is because of the pitching staff. Also, guys like Kershaw, Billingsley are in their mid to early 20s and have shown that they are growing every day. So I think things will be okay and we'll keep on improving.

sheisemma: What is your favorite professional sports team outside of baseball?

Randy Wolf: Even though I play a sport for a living, I'm actually not that into sports and don't watch many other games.

dante_z: Are you frustrated with all your no decisions

Randy Wolf: Of course I'm frustrated. A starting pitcher is judged by his win/loss record. But, it is great to play on a well-rounded, first place team and that's one thing that, as a starting pitcher, you must always put in perspective

goblucru: How big of a Star Wars fan are you?

Randy Wolf: I'm humble enough to admit that my teammates have used the word "nerd" with me plenty of times. I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan. Big enough to have a full size Darth Vader in my house, and yes, the chicks really dig that.

godslove: do you own a Bible Randy?

Randy Wolf: No...but every hotel I've ever been in has one!

budala56: do you ever come back to canoga park? whar's your fave hang?

Randy Wolf: I'll head back to the valley to head to my favorite sushi restaurant in Calabasas called Shabuya Sushi, the Toro is incredible

urangajr: What kind of music gets you pumped up for the games?

Randy Wolf: I'm a huge Tool fan and anything from them will get me pumped for any game.

craigary: hey randy, do you tutor Clayton Kershaw with pitching advice, does he come to you? And have you learned anything from him too?

Randy Wolf: For a 21-year-old, Clayton is extremely mature and very receptive to learning. Before every game, he goes down to the bullpen to watch the starter warm up to see if he can pick up anything that will help him.

Randy Wolf: We've had a lot of conversations about pitching and it's fun because he's at such a young part of his career and he has such a great upside.

richman99: What would you rather prefer: a Cy Young Award Season without making the playoffs or a Sub 500 season with winning the World Series?

Randy Wolf: Well it looks like the latter is more likely to happen but without a doubt, a World Series ring and a parade in LA, my hometown, would be the sweetest thing ever.

dodgers1la: Would you like to end your career with the Dodgers?

Randy Wolf: I don't want that time to come any time soon. I'd like to pitch until I'm 40 and it would be great to have such a long relationship with the Dodgers.

Bargo: Hey Randy, whats the fastest pitch you've ever thrown? mph

Randy Wolf: Oddly enough, it happened last year where I threw 95 a few times when I was in San Diego

jonaviles: How was the coaching staff at Pepperdine? What did you learn most from them?

Randy Wolf: There was a lot of turnover in the coaching staff when I got to Pepperdine and I think it helped me prepare for a professional career because you deal with so many different coaches and philosophies.

vier10: which do you consider was your best game ever?

Randy Wolf: In 2001, I had a rocky season and was demoted to the bullpen and then we were in the wild card hunt and I pitched against Greg Maddux and beat him, 3-1, giving us a chance (even though we fell short in the end).

alskdj: What do you like to do in your free time?

Randy Wolf: Free time is very valuable to me but also, I love relaxing. Things I'll do when I have free time are play poker, play the drums, listen to music and see a lot of movies

Powder: What do you think of all the talk of steroids in baseball today?

Randy Wolf: I think like anybody who loves the game, you want to mainly put it behind you but at the same time, correct the things that are or could be wrong with that part of the game now. However, when it comes to the past, we must learn to move on.

iamrussell: Did you ever dress up to go see a Star Wars movie in theaters?

Randy Wolf: I said I was called a nerd, I never said I was one!

AinBonsall: Hey Randy, what's your favorite TV Show?

Randy Wolf: Lost

riky213: hey randy im a graduate from el camino real how was your teenage years in elco...?

Randy Wolf: I had a good time at El Camino and it was very gratifying to beat Chatsworth two years in a row.

CervelliFan: How often do you get to talk with your brother Jim, the ump?

Randy Wolf: In the age of text messaging, we'll text each other probably once or twice a week but because of our schedules, we don't get to talk all that often.

iamrussell: What are your thoughts on Twitter?

Randy Wolf: To be honest, I'm not a big fan of all of these internet communities such as Facebook and My Space or Twitter. I don't think anybody's life is that interesting to where I need to know what they're doing every second.

dufflite: any simple pointers on pitching mechanics?

Randy Wolf: Watch as many games as you can and emulate the pitchers that seem to be the most consistent and healthy

Randy Wolf: last two questions...

Serio: How well do you think Barack Obama has been as president?

Randy Wolf: I think he came into office with an extremely hard job to do. I think that no matter who you are, you would probably feel disappointed with where our country is right now. He has three years and change left on his term and we'll have to wait and see how things turn out before we judge his presidency.

elcaminohs: Do you like the show Entourage?

Randy Wolf: Sorry some of the questions weren't exciting enough for you, elcaminohs! But, I am a fan of Entourage. It's a very clever show and it's on my DVR list that I watch when I get home from a road trip.

Randy Wolf: Thanks to all of you for taking the time to be a part of the chat. Hope to see you out here soon.

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