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08/18/09 6:18 PM ET

Chat transcript: Outfielder Matt Kemp

Slugger talks LA, bobbleheads and the future

Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp chatted live with fans Tuesday. During the chat, Kemp answered questions about his favorite music, life in Los Angeles, all things Dodgers. The complete transcript follows.

Matt Kemp: What's up everybody? I'm ready to chat, so start up the questions...

2cooljeff: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Matt Kemp: I actually have two...Gary Sheffield and Frank Thomas.

jzelaya: How do you feel about having your own bobblehead night?

Matt Kemp: I already had one in Double-A, but this is way more special...and it actually looks a lot more like me.

Matt Kemp: It's really exciting and my family is probably even more excited than me...I hope y'all come out and get one.

crazyplane: Hey Matt. What has been your most memorable moment playing as a Dodger so far?

Matt Kemp: Being in the playoffs for the first and actually winning a series. Nothing else comes close.

zerbs63: How is the clubhouse reacting to the recent struggles?

Matt Kemp: We're too good of a team to get down on ourselves..We are just as confident as when we were winning.

Matt Kemp: We're going to get through this spell and be fine, no one is panicking...y'all shouldn't either.

k27m55e16: You have such beautiful eyes, but in some pictures they look like they are a different color. What color are they?

Matt Kemp: Right now, they are hazel....but not as beautiful as yours!

tino_21: What/Who inspired you to became a baseball player?

Matt Kemp: My Dad had me out on the diamond when I was 4...Ive never known anything else but playing baseball.

brenduh: First of all, great job this season, you've been great..What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Matt Kemp: Hmmm....No comment

dodgers_girl89: What are your top 3 rappers of all time?

Matt Kemp: The masters: 2-Pac, Biggie, and Jay-Z

littlemrsd: I have noticed that you do a lot in the community with different charities. Which is your favorite charity to be a part of?

Matt Kemp: My foundation for Autism [is] called Taca...My brother is autistic so it's a passion of mine

thkblue32: Hey Matt, do you think you have a good chance at winning a Gold Glove this season?

Matt Kemp: I work hard in the outfield and it's definitely a goal. Playing defense is fun...I've spoken to my family and friends and told them I want this award, but there are a lot of great center fielders so we'll see

drayuh: Who gave you the nickname "The Bison?"

Matt Kemp: I'm pretty sure it was Braves' broadcaster Don Sutton...it's not a bad nickname. Anyone have suggestions for another?

KingCali: Ok Matt, Manny has Mannywood... What would your fan seating area be called?

Matt Kemp: How about Beastwood? I don't know....help me out!

goblue2008: What is on your Ipod right now?

Matt Kemp: Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Gucci Man, and lots of R&B

bruin007: Having played basketball growing up, would you ever consider playing in the NBA All-Star celebrity game?

Matt Kemp: I'm not sure how the Dodgers would feel about that...

v_chavez87: What kind of necklace is the one you wear every game?

Matt Kemp: It's a Phiten necklace..It's supposed to be magnetic therapy....who knows....

alejanseren: Where is your favorite place to eat in L.A.?

Matt Kemp: Katana on sunset

gmg917: How excited were you when the Lakers won the NBA championship?

Matt Kemp: I found out when we were on the way back from a road trip...I started yelling on the plane...So the answer is very excited..haha

yanovich: Hey Matt, who has the best curveball in the league ;) ?

Matt Kemp: I think Tim Lincecum

lawahine: When the kids run out on the field with you, I notice you call the kids back to give them a dap. Is that for luck?

Matt Kemp: No, they just always forget to give me some so I have to call them back....

superletty: Besides Dodger Stadium, what other stadium to enjoy playing at most?

Matt Kemp: I like Anaheim and Arizona...I see the ball well in both parks.

trubluluv: What do you like to do during the offseason?

Matt Kemp: Hopefully, we don't have a very long offseason...I go to basketball games, relax and get ready for the next year.

cain8: Do you like batting clean up or do you feel like its added pressure?

Matt Kemp: I'll bat wherever Joe puts me and it makes no difference as long as I'm in there.

dodgers18: Who are your really good friends on the Dodgers?

Matt Kemp: I love all my teammates, but I spend a lot of time with Juan Pierre, James Loney, and Casey Blake.

dodgers_girl89: What did you think of "The Adventures of Lil Matt Kemp"?

Matt Kemp: I thought it was hilarious...I want to thank the Dodgers and Snoop for being a part of it. You can see it on the Dodger website or on Youtube.

llama5492: Will you start updating your Twitter again? I wanna hear what you have to say!

Matt Kemp: I'll try, but it's tough during the season with all that I have to do...I appreciate your interest.

LADLance: Which stellar catch that you've made this season did you think was the best? (I liked the Willie Mays one)

Matt Kemp: Probably the one I made against Matt Diaz and the Braves a couple weeks ago in right-center..It was at Dodger Stadium.

MamasJuelz: How did you get hooked up with True Blue Tattoo & Crooks & Castles?

Matt Kemp: I met Landon at a gas station after a game...I like tattoos and he owned a shop so he gave me his card.

basketballprincess: Have you had a chance to give Blake Griffin any advice on how to adjust and survive in L.A.?

Matt Kemp: Of course...every time we hang out. We're from the same small state and Los Angeles is totally different.

Matt Kemp: I'm happy for him that he has people around him like me to help out....I kind of had to figure it out on my own, but I love L.A.!

Matt Kemp: Only a few more guys, I have to run soon.

tino_21: If you could go on a vacation after you win the World Series, where would you go?

Matt Kemp: The Bahamas sound nice...so does Las Vegas....so does Brazil.... nothing sounds as good as winning the World Series though.

trublu4evr: Your birthday is next month, do you have anything special planned?

Matt Kemp: I'll be in Pittsburgh...not a whole lot special to do out there although I will catch up with my boys LaRoche and Delwyn Young.

Matt Kemp: Thanks so much for all of the questions, I wish I could stay longer. Keep rooting us on...Go Blue!

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