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11/30/09 11:00 PM EST

Last chance for Cyber Monday savings

One-day sale: Get 20 percent off at MLB.com Shop

C is the Countdown Clock ticking not only for Spring Training but also for the all-day sales event under way at the MLB.com Shop. You have until 11:59 p.m. ET to take 20 percent off your entire order, so hurry and do what an astounding number of fans have been doing all day.

Y is the Yankees World Series Champions Collection -- and knowing you can celebrate another big victory if you waited until this very moment when the biggest annual sale on the calendar has arrived. From that official Parade Hood that Derek Jeter wore on a float to that 27 Time World Series Champions Knit Cap, 20 percent off is today's rule.

B is the blockbuster Black Friday weekend damage everyone did at the MLB.com Shop -- consistent with retail findings over the past few days. The National Retail Federation reported in a survey that 195 million American shoppers visited stores and Web sites over the Black Friday weekend, up from 172 million last year, spending about $30 less on the average. Today, as so many people get back to their computers at work, 96.5 million people plan to shop, up from 85 million a year ago, the NRF said citing a Shop.org survey. The time is now.

E is what the official scorer will give you if you miss this opportunity. If you want a No. 46 Jacoby Ellsbury Authentic Red Sox Jersey, now is the ideal time. Those Majestic Athletic must-haves at every ballpark are now 20 percent off. His $179.99 jersey for those nights and days at Fenway Park will be $144 if you order it today.

R is the new releases at the Shop's DVD area. Examples might include the Legends of the Fall -- the Phillies' 2009 Video Yearbook. Brewers fans who are hoping for a huge 2010 season probably would love to watch the story of Harvey's Wallbangers.

M is Manny, and Dodgers fans can find his stuff at 20 percent off. Like that Forever Collectibles Manny Big Head Bobble.

O is that office space for the new 2010 Wall & Box Calendar Set from Turner Licensing. It's almost time to turn the page again.

N is the new looks for 2010. The Mets just announced they will sport new pinstriped uniforms for many home games, and you can get that new look right now for 20 percent off. Minnesota has a new ballpark and a new uniform coming, and now is the time for Twins fans to grab that Authentic 2010 Alternate Home 3 Jersey.

D is the dirt you can find in any number of Highland Mint collectibles. In fact, there's a Justin Verlander goodie that is all about Detroit, dominance and dirt.

A is the array of Antigua fashion for women, such as the Mariners Equinox fleece to the White Sox Sleet Fleece to get through this winter.

Y is Youth Outerwear, Youth T-Shirts & Polos, Youth Sweatshirts, Youth Bottoms, Youth Everything. The next generation of Major League Baseball fans are here, and their parents are bringing them into the game in style.

Happy Cyber Monday from MLB.com -- it's the sale of the year, and instead of the lunchtime event of previous shopping seasons, this one is midnight-to-midnight. The term was coined by the retail industry a few years back to contrast against "Black Friday" -- the day on which traditional retailers hope their bottom lines for the year turn from red to black. This one refers to the Monday following Thanksgiving, when shoppers who have been hitting stores all weekend look for new deals over the Web.

There is plenty of help available if you are wondering where to start with that 20 percent off at the MLB. com Shop, and be aware that some exclusions may apply. The Gift Finder is customized for each club and has a cool feature that lets you drag the price range to your preference -- and then matches you with that team's gifts in that range. The Gift Guide is a selection by the resident stocking-stuffers at MLB.com to point you in the right direction. The Virtual Catalog is a clickable version of the popular mailer, sorted by the categories you know.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.