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04/23/11 7:34 PM ET

De Jesus Jr. appears on same field as father

CHICAGO -- When rookie Ivan De Jesus Jr. took second base for the Dodgers in the eighth inning on Friday after replacing Juan Uribe, the Cubs' third-base coach did everything he could to get the rookie's attention.

He waved, whistled, yelled and jumped around the coach's box, but De Jesus Jr. completely ignored Ivan De Jesus Sr.

The scene occurred for the first time during Spring Training, but this was the first time that father and son had been in an official Major League game together.

"It was a moment I had been waiting for my whole life," said De Jesus Jr. "To be in a big league game and having my dad watch me play -- a dream come true."

Nonetheless, Junior had a job to do, and the last thing on his mind was acknowledging his father during the action.

"He was looking, and I wasn't looking," said Junior. I know his smile and what he would be saying to me. His smile says everything. I heard him, 'Look at me, look at me.' It was fun, but I had to concentrate on the game. We had dinner last night. I told him not to talk to me during the game."

Lilly picks off two runners, gets no outs

CHICAGO -- Dodgers pitcher Ted Lilly picked two Chicago Cubs off first base in the fourth inning during the club's 10-8 loss on Saturday, but neither runner was out.

Lilly had Starlin Castro picked off with two outs, but Castro broke for second base and beat first baseman James Loney's throw for a stolen base and he was singled home by Darwin Barney.

Lilly then picked off Barney, who also took off for second, but he retreated to first base, veering well into the infield grass first. Second-base umpire Bill Welke called obstruction on Loney and awarded Barney second base, but he was stranded on Marlon Byrd's groundout.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly had two discussions with the umpires on the ruling and still wasn't satisfied. "They said, 'James can't be in the line there,' but that's the way we're taught to do it," said Mattingly. "He ran out of the line way before James. I don't know how it is obstruction. It doesn't matter [in the game], but I still think I'm right. I never got the answer I wanted. I've never seen it called like that. It doesn't make sense to me. They said they'd look at it and talk about it."

Said Barney: "They actually called an interference call because he didn't have the ball and I kind of stutter-stepped and had to go around him. The Dodgers' gripe was they thought I had made that move too early before he was actually in my way. It's just one of those things -- you get caught out there and you're running for your life. I saw him in front of me and I ran around him and I got the call."

The Cubs stole three bases off former teammate Lilly in 4 1/3 innings.

Uribe out Saturday with injury, may sit Sunday

CHICAGO -- Dodgers second baseman Juan Uribe, who was out of the starting lineup Saturday with a tight left thigh muscle, said after the game he wasn't sure he'd be able to play Sunday.

Before the game, manager Don Mattingly said the injury was minor and believed Uribe was likely to start Sunday.

"He's got a little something going on," Mattingly said while indicating it was high on the thigh. "I was taking him out yesterday and going to give him today off anyway. He thinks it's minor, we'll give him the day today and he'll be ready to go."

But Uribe wasn't so sure after the game, pointing high on his left thigh as the area of discomfort.

Uribe has just gotten hot after a slow start. He is 10-for-23 with nine RBIs during a six-game hitting streak and has homers in his last two games. He had four RBIs Friday.

"I'm able to use him today for pinch-hitting," Mattingly said prior to the game. "He's doing everything today, batting practice and fielding. Juan's been good, he lets you know how he feels. But Juan wants to play. When he was scuffling early, he never backed off."

Aaron Miles started at second base in place of Uribe and Mattingly moved Jerry Sands up in the batting order to fifth, even though Sands, who was hitting .400 at Albuquerque when called up last week, is in a 2-for-18 tailspin since Tim Hudson threw a pitch behind his head Monday.

"He's fine," Mattingly said of Sands. "His at-bats are pretty good. He was better [Friday] than [Thursday] I think he's OK."

No etiquette breach on Ellis' steal, Dodgers say

CHICAGO -- The Dodgers were a little embarrassed, but not apologetic, about A.J. Ellis' attempted stolen base Friday when they had an 8-1 lead over the Cubs.

"I missed a sign," said Ellis, who was thrown out. Ellis has eight steals in nine professional seasons and none as a Major Leaguer.

After the game, Chicago manager Mike Quade complained that the Dodgers had broken an unwritten rule about pouring it on.

"I don't know if they missed a sign or if it was a hit and run or something," Quade told reporters. "I've got to brush up on my unwritten rules things. There might be a Los Angeles and Milwaukee version I need to read."

The Brewers stole bases on the Cubs with a five-run lead earlier this month.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly wasn't sure about any violation of etiquette but admitted there was an internal communications breakdown.

"We knew when it happened, we figured they'd be irritated," Mattingly said of the Cubs. "[Third-base coach Tim Wallach] missed it from me. He realized it, tried to tell him, 'No,' but he went. We weren't trying to run. We definitely wouldn't run A.J.

"But, it is Wrigley, and we did give up eight runs in the ninth [Tuesday night] and we are trying to win a game."

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