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Facts & Ground Rules

Oakland Coliseum's unique dimensions are designed to maximize every aspect of watching and playing America's Pastime. Please observe the following ground rules.

Oakland Coliseum

  • Oakland Coliseum Dimensions

    Left Field Line: 330 feet
    Right Field Line: 330 feet
    Straight Away Left Field: 367 feet
    Straight Away Right Field: 367 feet
    Left Center: 362 feet
    Right Center: 362 feet
    Left Center Power Alley: 388 feet
    Right Center Power Alley: 388 feet
    Straight Away Center Field: 400 feet
    Height of Wall: 8 feet down the lines and to center and 15 feet in the alleys
    Capacity: 46,765 people
  • Oakland Coliseum Ground Rule Particulars

    Home Run: Batted ball striking above face of out-of-town scoreboard (above yellow line on top of scoreboard)
    In Play: Ball enters the bullpen seating area and rebounds out of the seating area
    In Play: Batted ball striking face of out-of-town scoreboard
    Out of Play: Ball lodging on, under or in the bullpen seating area: Out of Play. A ball is deemed to be lodged when it goes in or behind equipment or seating or, in the umpire's judgment, is deemed otherwise unplayable

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