I've been with the Dodgers since the last week of July. I didn't like it at first, really, because I was coming to a new team, and I didn't know anyone. It took me out of my comfort zone. But now that I've been here awhile, I realize there are a lot of positives to being here.

It's a good situation for me and it's good for my career. I get to play for the chance to win a pennant. That's fun.

When I first walked into this clubhouse, not knowing anyone, I went right to my locker. When you're the new guy on the team, you keep your mouth shut, and you just look around and observe. You don't say a lot to anyone. That's hard for me because I do like to talk, and I like to have fun.

But once you're relaxed and get to know your new teammates, you can be yourself again. I'm feeling comfortable now, and that really enhances the experience. Now, I have a feel for the clubhouse. The guys and the coaches have been great.

I'd also been apprehensive because I had left a bunch of great teammates and friends back in Cleveland. That made it tough to leave.

My time with the Indians will always be part of me, though. I had been with Cleveland for so long, it's tough to turn the page. When I look at the scoreboard, that's the first team I seek out. I like to know how they're doing, and I'm very aware of what they are doing.

The day Cliff Lee was going for his 20th win was a special day. I watched the scoreboard closely. They had a late lead, and I was saying to myself, "Just hold one, man, just hold on," Finally, the scoreboard showed it was a final, and I kind of pumped my first and said, "Yes." I was so happy for Cliff.

I'm also watching CC Sabathia pretty closely. I'm not surprised a bit with the success he's having. It's strange to see him in another uniform. When we played them, we didn't face him, though it would have been cool to face him. He's been very dominant for the Brewers and he was a great pickup for that team.

After more than five seasons with Cleveland, Casey Blake has helped solidify the Dodgers infield since he was acquired from the Indians. He's batted .263 with eight home runs and 20 RBIs in his 44 games with the Dodgers. For the season, he has a .280 average with 19 homers and 78 RBIs.