• The matchup of aces on Tuesday was extra special for Josh Johnson. The Marlins' No. 1 wants to emulate Roy Halladay and took time last year to watch the two-time Cy Young Award winner go about his business. "I was like a little brother to him. I was following him around, trying to pick his brain about what he does after starts, in-between starts, stuff like that. It says a lot about his character and the kind of guy he is," said Johnson, who admits he was starstruck by the Phillies ace. "As soon as I walked in, he said hi. I was like, 'Whoa! This is the Roy Halladay.' He's the guy you like to model yourself after."(MLB.com). The student may have come out ahead of the teacher this time, but that's OK. In their last matchup, Halladay schooled Johnson and the Marlins by throwing a perfect game. (AP).

• Just days after his 27th birthday, Prince Fielder sent a 2-1 pitch into the center field stands for his 200th career home run (MLB.com). Fielder is the 15th-youngest player and just the fifth Brewer to reach the 200 home run mark (MLB.com). Jason Marquis also crossed a milestone off the list, earning the 100th win of his 12-season career with a victory over the Braves (MLB.com). "Who'd ever thought when I first broke in, I would get this?" remarked Marquis, after receiving the game ball.

• Jonny Gomes showed off outfield acrobatics (MLB.com) and Paul Konerko made not one (MLB.com), but two (MLB.com) eye-popping plays, while Mariners rookie Mike Wilson gave Camden Yards fans a high-def view of his smooth glove (MLB.com) and brand-new Major Leaguer Eric Hosmer hit an upper-deck round-tripper for his first home run in the bigs as his family watched at Yankee Stadium (MLB.com).

• 'A' is for attorney? C.J. Wilson coined a new phrase, saying that pitching to the Oakland A's is like playing "lawyer ball" because of their patience and discipline in taking close pitches. Oakland players rebutted Wilson's argument by sending him a signed ball that read "From the law office of..." (San Francisco Chronicle).

• Kyle Lohse did his best undercover Tony La Russa impression, complete with wig and shades, while delivering the lineup card prior to the Cardinals' game against the Cubs. (NBC Sports).

• David Price paid his Tampa Bay Rays "friendship dues," buying his teammates 60 tins of caramel and cheese popcorn. Joked Rays pitcher James Shields, "That will cover him for about a month." (St. Petersburg Times).

• Australian Luke Hughes, Canadian Rene Tosoni and Alexi Casilla of the Dominican Republic all enjoyed some fine local weather in the Twin Cities. (MLB.com).

• "DatDude" Brandon Phillips is a Tweeting, yoga-practicing, trash-talking human highlight reel. "I have fun, man," said Phillips. "This game is supposed to be fun." (Sports Illustrated).

Tweet of the Day: "Just realized we have a 'Friday the 13th' coming up. Im gonna spend it breaking glass with my black cat, what are YOU gonna do?" -- Cincinnati Reds pitcher Sam LeCure (@mrLeCure) (Twitter).

Quote of the Day: "At the end, it's not what you do on the field. It's what kind of person you are off the field. That's the kind of relationship you want to build with somebody you respect." -- Albert Pujols, after hugging Cubs GM Jim Hendry during a pre-game batting practice in Chicago (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). In addition to his nine All-Star nods and three MVP trophies, Pujols was awarded the 2008 Roberto Clemente Award for his community dedication and sets a philanthropic example off the field with his Pujols Family Foundation charity work. (Pujols Family Foundation).