• Nick Swisher and TV actress Joanna Garcia are no ordinary superstar couple. After celebrating their wedding in December 2010, the couple is planning their long-awaited honeymoon -- to Afghanistan. "Three military officers came to the Yankee locker room and asked if any of us would like to visit the troops. My hand went straight up, I said, 'I'm in,'" said Swisher. "I come from a military family, and no matter what your views are, these men and women are out there risking everything for us. I realize how fortunate I have been, so I like to give back at every opportunity I can. I knew Joanna would want to go. It will be our first trip since we got married."

Added Garcia, "We are both really looking forward to visiting the troops. Yes, it isn't a traditional honeymoon, but it is something we both feel strongly about." (New York Post)

• Cameron Maybin received the chance of a lifetime when he was invited by Hall of Famer Willie Mays to spend a few hours at the baseball legend's home. "Unbelievable, man. Unbelievable. It's something to say I got to sit and talk with him for a couple of hours, just kind of be in his presence," said Maybin of the honor. "I saw a lot of his accolades and awards, had some lunch, and we talked. He's one of the reasons I wear No. 24, a big part of why I play, man. It was cool. I took him my jersey, signed it for him. Think of that. My jersey's in Willie Mays' house." (San Diego Union-Tribune)

• Mets knuckleballer and renaissance man R.A. Dickey took some time off from writing a memoir (New York Times) and planning a Mount Kilimanjaro climb (New York Times) to dress up with his sons Eli (Twitter) and Van (Twitter), hold a Lord of the Rings tweet-up (Twitter) and take in the "great Rembrandt exhibit" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Twitter).

• Ben Revere joined Masato Akamatsu (YouTube) and Torii Hunter (MLB.com) in the "Webgem-at-the-Wall Hall of Fame" with this Spiderman-style move. (MLB.com)

• C.J. Wilson is joining The Partnership at Drugfree.org to encourage kids to play and live a healthy life without drugs. "Being a positive role model in the community is a big inspiration for my success on the field," said Wilson, who lives a "straight-edge" lifestyle by avoiding tobacco, alcohol and drugs (SI.com). "Together with The Partnership at Drugfree.org, I can help kids feel the empowerment and positive support that I carry every day towards my goals in baseball and in life" (Drugfree.org). To get Wilson's advice about teamwork, goals and healthy competition, visit http://playhealthy.drugfree.org.

• After one lucky fan tweeted his phone number to David Price (Twitter), the Rays ace surprised him with a personal phone call (Twitter). "We talked for a few minutes," said Price. "I'll probably call a few more people. It was pretty fun." (St. Petersburg Times).

• Anyone up for a dance-off with Victor Martinez? (MLB.com)

Tweet of the Day: "is that what caused the earthquake @AdamRussell36 @ShopHouse10 so funny the last time I heard that I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur" -- Kelly Shoppach (@ShopHouse10) to Rays teammate Adam Russell.

Quote of the Day: "[I was concerned] that it would eat through my brain, but the doctor assured me that that was not possible... I figure we're friends. We've bonded. There was so much wisdom that was passed on to him that he died of the overflow of wisdom from being inside my head." -- Matt Holliday (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) joking about his "LoMoMantis"-inspired moment when a moth flew into his ear on Sunday (MLB.com).