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Postseason Invoice and Purchase Date(s)
Full Season Ticket Holders

Full Season Ticket Holders are entitled to purchase tickets to all potential nine postseason home games for your regular season ticket location(s). Your 2012 postseason invoice is for the Division Series (2 games), League Championship Series (3 games) and World Series (4 games). Please note that official game dates and times will be announced at a later date.

The deadline for Postseason ticket payment is Monday, September 24. We are only able to guarantee your regular season ticket seat location(s) through this date. Postseason tickets will be mailed out after the deadline above.

All postseason invoices were sent via email on Monday, September 17.

Full season accounts paid by the Monday, September 24 payment deadline will receive their tickets on the commemorative postseason ticket stock.

Please adhere to the payment deadline as seating cannot be guaranteed after the deadline.

For ticket mailing purposes, please make sure the Phillies have a correct and updated mailing address on your account.

Partial Season Ticket Holders

Partial Season Ticket Holders will have the opportunity to purchase a minimum of two potential* postseason home games. The Phillies will determine the specific postseason games assigned and the specific series assigned. The World Series is not guaranteed to be part of any potential postseason ticket offer to Partial Season Ticket Holders. All seat locations will be determined by the Phillies and will differ from your regular season location. The Phillies reserve the right to fulfill your postseason tickets in a price category that may differ from your invoiced amount and may include standing room or foul pole tickets (at our sole discretion). Reimbursement for the difference would be made to the account holder of record.

* Potential postseason home games include, LCS Game 5, and World Series Games 6&7.

The deadline for Postseason ticket purchases is Friday, September 21. Postseason tickets will be mailed out within approximately 5-7 days after payment is received.

All postseason invoices were sent via email on Monday, September 17.

Please adhere to the September 21 payment deadline assigned as your ticket offer cannot be guaranteed after this date.

For ticket mailing purposes, please make sure the Phillies have a correct and updated mailing address on your account.

Ticket Usage for Postseason Games

Please note the specific Division and league Championship Series "Home Game #" relates to the actual home game that is to be played at Citizens Bank and not necessarily the specific game in the series.

These tickets are valid for that specific "Home Game #" regardless of the date the game is played.

Please refer to the potential dates and times for all Phillies postseason games.

World Series tickets are identified as the ACTUAL/SPECIFIC game number to be played. This season the National League representative will host games 1, 2, 6* and 7* of the World Series, which are scheduled for October 24, 25, 31 and Nov. 1. Games 6 & 7 will only be played if necessary.

Ticket Information for Unplayed Postseason Games
Season Ticket Holders


Please note tickets related to postseason games not played have no cash value and credit for their cost (net of the non-refundable $25 processing fee) will be applied to your 2013 season ticket statement.

If you would like a refund instead of a credit, please visit within three business days after the Phillies are eliminated from postseason play or the potential of Postseason play.

Once tickets are purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges. The $25.00 processing fee is not refundable whether or not a postseason game is played, and whether or not tickets are or are not mailed, or picked up in person.

Communications via E-mail

To continue to provide you with up-to-the-minute postseason information regarding your account, game dates and game time changes, we ask that you provide us with a correct e-mail address for your account.

All information and offers will be sent via email only.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

Please safeguard your tickets and handle them as you would handle cash. Risk of loss or theft passes to the account holder of record upon receipt of tickets. By mandate of Major League Baseball, lost or stolen tickets for postseason games will not be replaced.

Reselling of Tickets and Scalping Prohibited

Tickets are not to be resold for premium in excess of any amount allowed by federal, state, or local law. Persons who sell or offer tickets for resale at any price on the Phillies premises will be removed from the premises and prosecuted.


If you are a season ticket holder who purchased 2012 preferred postseason season parking or pre-paid postseason parking, passes for all potential postseason home games will be shipped with postseason tickets. Included on the postseason invoice is a charge for postseason parking passes. Passes will be designated Division Series Home Game 1 and 2, League Championship Series Home Game 1, 2 and 3, and World Series Game 1, 2, 6 and 7.


If any Division Series, League Championship Series, or World Series game is officially rained out or postponed, an announcement regarding the rescheduled date, time and any other particulars will be made (a) on the Phillies' website at, (b) on WPHT 1210 AM or KYW 1060 AM and, or (c) in local newspapers. In the event of a rainout, please retain your ticket, which includes a rain check stub. Replacement tickets will not be issued.

Advertising and Promotions Prohibited

Postseason tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions (including contests and sweepstakes), or other trade purposes without the express written consent of the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball.

Will Call Ticket Drop-offs

The Phillies will NOT accept any ticket drop-offs for will call to any postseason game.

Postseason Individual Ticket Sales

A plan for potential postseason ticket sales will be announced at a later date/time.

Please note: There will be a strict ticket limit for all postseason games, subject to availability, as determined by the Phillies. Orders exceeding the assigned per game ticket limits will be cancelled and the proper refund given without contact from the Phillies.