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Spring Training

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get your tickets The Dodgers schedule features home games at Holman Stadium and several games on the road.
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Spring Training Park
ballpark The 2006 Spring Training season marks the Dodgers' 59th year at Dodgertown and the 54rd season of Holman Stadium, which opened in 1953.
Home Spring Training Schedule
 Date Opponent Time / Score  
 February 23 White Sox L, 0-9
 February 25 Cubs W, 7-6
 February 26 Giants T, 8-8
 February 28 Angels W, 10-8
 March 1 Padres L, 5-7
 March 3 Indians W, 5-1
 March 6 Mexico W, 10-2
* vs. Mexico (WBC) *
 March 7 Rangers T, 11-11
 March 9 Mariners W, 3-2
 March 14 Cubs L, 1-8
 March 15 Royals W, 8-1
 March 17 Brewers W, 11-1
 March 18 D-backs L, 3-5
 March 19 Athletics W, 7-1
 March 21 Cubs W, 5-4
* in Tucson, AZ *
 March 22 Reds L, 5-6
 March 23 White Sox W, 10-4
 March 26 Rockies L, 6-7
 March 29 Angels W, 9-8
* at Dodger Stadium *
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