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Front Office Directory


  • Chairman
    Mark Walter
    Earvin 'Magic' Johnson
    Todd Boehly
    Robert 'Bobby' Patton, Jr.
    Peter Guber
    President & CEO
    Stan Kasten
    President of Baseball Operations
    Andrew Friedman
    Executive Vice President
    Bob Wolfe
    Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
    Lon Rosen
    Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director of Guggenheim Baseball Management
    Tucker Kain
    Special Advisor to the Chairman
    Tommy Lasorda
    Special Advisor to the Chairman
    Don Newcombe
    General Manager
    Farhan Zaidi
    Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations
    Josh Byrnes
    Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations
    Steve Ethier
    Senior Vice President & General Counsel
    Sam Fernandez
    Senior Vice President, Planning & Development
    Janet Marie Smith
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
    Michael Young

  • Executive Assistant to President & CEO
    Cheryl Rampy
    Administrative Assistant, EVP/CMO & CFO
    Desiree Juarez
    Assistant to Tommy Lasorda
    Felipe Ruiz
    Administrative Assistant, Planning & Development
    Emily Walthouse

  • Vice President, Amateur & International Scouting
    David Finley
    Vice President, Baseball Operations
    Alex Anthopoulos
    Director, Player Personnel
    Galen Carr
    Director, Amateur Scouting
    Billy Gasparino
    Director, Player Development
    Gabe Kapler
    Director, Baseball Operations
    Alex Tamin
    Director, Research & Development
    Doug Fearing
    Director, Baseball Administration
    Ellen Harrigan
    Director, Team Travel
    Scott Akasaki
    Senior Advisor, Baseball Operations
    Gerry Hunsicker
    Special Assistant to the GM
    Pat Corrales
    Special Assistant, Player Personnel
    Aaron Sele
    Special Assistant, Player Personnel
    Jose Vizcaino
    Special Assistant, Pro Scouting & Player Development
    Jeff Pickler
    Senior Scouting Advisor, Dominican Republic
    Ralph Avila
    Director, Baseball Administration
    Ellen Harrigan
    Director, Team Travel
    Scott Akasaki
    Sr. Manager, Player Development
    Jeremy Zoll
    Manager, Research and Development
    Megan Schroeder
    Sr. Developer, Research & Development
    Jonathan Funkhouser
    Sr. Developer, Research & Development
    John Focht
    Sr. Analyst, Research & Development
    Ehsan Bokhari
    Sr. Analyst, Research & Development
    James Buffi
    Sr. Analyst, Research & Development
    Daniel Cervone
    Sr. Analyst, Research & Development
    Philip Cho
    Manager, Minor League Administration
    Adriana Urzua
    Manager, Dodger Clubhouse
    Alex Torres
    Manager, Visiting Clubhouse
    Mitch Poole
    Manager, Umpires Clubhouse
    Jerry Turner
    Clubhouse Assistant Manager
    Jose Castillo
    International Crosschecker
    Roman Barinas
    Data Engineer, Research & Development
    Arthur Del Valle
    Data Engineer, Research & Development
    Ben Zauzmer
    Coordinator, Research & Development
    Emilee Fragapane
    Analyst, Baseball Operations
    Ethan Levitt
    Analyst, Research & Development
    Jason Gilberg
    Analyst, Research & Development
    Nikhil Oza
    Analyst, Baseball Operations
    Douglas Wachter
    Analyst, Baseball Operations
    Michael Voltmer
    Developer, Research & Development
    Ryan Casey
    Scouting Coordinator
    Zachary Fitzpatrick
    Pro Scouting Coordinator
    Daniel Kolodin
    Video Scouting Coordinator
    Matthew Doppelt
    Coordinator, International Scouting
    Francisco J. Camps
    Coordinator, Player Development
    Andrew MacPhail
    Assistant, Player Development
    Eric Jordan
    Assistant, Baseball Operations
    Andre Johnson
    Pro Scouting Coordinator
    Daniel Kolodin
    Video Scouting Coordinator
    Matthew Doppelt

  • Manager, Baseball Operations-Glendale
    Juan Rodriguez
    Minor League Equipment Manager
    Troy Timney
    Coordinator, Minor League Video
    Kevin Walsh

  • Assistant, Baseball Operations
    Marian Vasquez
    Maintenance Chief
    Domingo Martinez
    Manager, DR Dodgers
    Pedro Mega

  • Vice President, Marketing & Broadcasting
    Erik Braverman
    Director, Advertising & Promotions
    Shelley Wagner
    Director, Production
    Greg Taylor
    Director, Graphic Design
    Ross Yoshida
    Director, Broadcast Engineering
    Tom Darin
    Manager, Advertising, Production & Broadcast
    Nancy Morataya
    Manager, Social Media, Digital & Print Content
    Matthew Mesa
    Team Historian & Publications Editor
    Mark Langill
    Producer/Engineer, Spanish Radio
    Efren Meza
    Senior Motions Graphics Designer
    Kevin Cook
    Junior Motion Graphics Artist
    Mark Andrews
    Senior Video Producer/Editor
    Erick Vazquez
    Video Producer/Editor
    Julian Gooden
    Coordinator, Marketing & Entertainment
    Cat Belanger
    Coordinator, Digital Marketing, Promotions & Broadcasting
    Claire Miller
    Coordinator, Marketing & Programming
    Desiree Le Sassier
    Video Producer/Editor
    Julian Gooden
    Senior Coordinator, Graphic Design
    Antonio Gandara Rivera
    Junior Coordinator, Graphic Design
    Jayme Rosenstock
    Game Day Producer/Editor
    Marty Messer
    Producer/Engineer, English Radio
    Duane McDonald

  • Senior Director, Public Relations
    Joe Jareck
    Senior Manager, Public Relations
    Jon Chapper
    Manager, Photography
    Jon SooHoo
    Coordinator, Public Relations
    Daisuke Sugiura
    Spanish Language Translator
    Jesus Quinonez

  • Vice President, External Affairs & Community Relations
    Naomi Rodriguez
    Manager, Community Relations
    Cassandra A. Lane
    Manager, Neighborhood & Government Affairs
    Patricia Whelan
    Community Relations & Minor League Instructor
    "Sweet" Lou Johnson
    Coordinator, Community & Government Relations
    Erika Sanchez
    Coordinator, Community Relations
    Mark Arroyo
    Assistant, Community Affairs
    Karla Arreola

  • Vice President, Finance
    Eric Hernandez
    Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
    Gregory Buonaccorsi
    Assistant Controller
    Sara Curran
    Director, Business Development & Analytics
    Royce Cohen
    Assistant Director, Purchasing
    Lisa McShane
    Senior Manager, Business Development & Analytics
    Gabriel Gershenfeld
    Senior Manager, Payroll
    Jennifer Harris
    Senior Accountant
    Edgar Baraceros
    Manager, Business Data Systems
    James Morrow
    Analyst, Business Development & Analytics
    Michael Spetner
    Financial Analyst
    McKenna Toonen
    Supervisor, Accounting
    Chad Luebke
    Purchasing Agent
    Amy Perez
    Staff Accountant
    Dalet Gomez
    Supervisor, Accounts Payable
    Stephanie L. Acosta
    Accounts Payable Coordinator
    Karina Pineda
    Coordinator, Payroll
    Angelica Romero

  • Senior Director, Human Resources
    Leonor Romero
    Risk Manager
    Michelle Darringer
    Manager, Human Resources
    Denise Ortega
    Coordinator, Human Resources
    Irma Duenas
    Human Resources Clerk
    Sabrina Gallardo
    Lucy Valdez
    Dolores Buonauro

  • Vice President, Information Technology
    Ralph Esquibel
    Director, Technology Infrastructure
    Debra Jorgensen
    Senior Manager, Information Technology Operations
    Hisayo Yoshike
    Lead Application Developer Architect
    Stephen Wong
    Systems Administrator
    Edwin Alvarado
    Technology Infrastructure Engineer
    Edgar Vega Castro
    Service Desk Supervisor
    Alex Romero
    Senior Desktop Technician
    Richard Barrera
    Desktop Technician
    Lenora O'Keith
    Desktop Technician
    Genta Ikawa
    Administrative Assistant
    Gabriela Marquez

  • Senior Counsel
    Chad Gunderson
    Administrative Assistant
    Debra Welsford

  • Head Athletic Trainer
    Neil Rampe
    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Brandon McDaniel
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Thomas Albert
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Nathan Lucero
    Head Team Physician
    Dr. Neal ElAttrache
    Team Physician
    Dr. John Plosay
    Team Physician
    Dr. Brian Shafer
    Team Physician
    Dr. Mary Gendy
    Team Physician
    Scott Takano
    Physical Therapist
    Stephen Smith
    Soft Tissue Specialist
    Yosuke Nakajima
    Coordinator, Medical & Billing
    Andrew Otovic

  • Vice President, Merchandise
    Allister Annear
    Director, Retail Operations
    Veronica Huerta
    Retail Operations Manager
    Leticia Pedro
    Manger, Merchandise
    Natasha Diaz
    Manager, Warehouse
    Pedro Avila
    Supervisor, Retail Operations
    Marisol Lizarraga
    Associate Buyer
    Lilia Cuevas
    Operations Lead
    Jeanine Flores
    Visual Merchandise Coordinator & Store Lead
    Kimberly Razo

  • Senior Manager, Planning & Development
    Andrew Connorton

  • Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
    Lorenzo Sciarrino
    Vice President, Partnership Sales
    Greg Morrison
    Senior Director, Partnership Administration
    Jenny Oh
    Director, Spanish Language Media & Hispanic Initiatives
    Jesse Nunez
    Director, Partnership Sales Administration & Service
    Paige Kirkpatrick
    Senior Manager, Partnership Services
    Kristen Jareck
    Manager, Partnership Services
    Corey Schimmel
    Manager, International Partnerships & Client Services
    Yayoi Sato
    Supervisor, Partnership Services
    Alyssa Clabaugh
    Coordinator, Partnership Services
    Jordan Bohinc

  • Vice President, Premium Sales & Services
    Antonio Morici
    Manager, Premium Sales
    Bobby Mayorga
    Manager, Premium Sales
    Tyson Smith
    Account Executive, Premium Sales
    Eric Archer
    Account Executive, Premium Sales
    James Burns
    Account Executive, Premium Sales
    Ryan Kantor
    Coordinator, Premium Services
    Justine Woerner
    Assistant, Premium Services
    Patricia Romero

  • Vice President, Ticket Sales
    David Siegel
    Director, Season Sales
    David Kirkpatrick
    Director, Group Sales
    Afton Kurth
    Senior Manager, Inside Sales Staff
    Britni Howze
    Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
    Sammy Park
    Account Executive, Group Sales
    Bryce Ely
    Account Executive, Group Sales
    Kaitlin Radcliff
    Account Executive, Group Sales
    Bryan Schiefelbein
    Account Executive, Season Sales
    Kyle Hart
    Account Executive, Season Sales
    Jeffrey Kim
    Account Executive, Season Sales
    Gerson Pineda
    Account Executive, Season Sales
    Andrew Vallejo
    Account Executive, Season Sales
    Luke Willon

  • Official Scorers
    Jerry White, Ed Munson
    Public Address Announcer
    Todd Leitz

  • Vice President, Security & Guest Services
    Shahram Ariane
    Director, Facilities
    David Edford
    Assistant Director, Grounds
    Jordan Lorenz
    Manager, Transportation
    Arnold Douglass
    Manager, Landscape
    Chaz Perea
    Manager, Stadium Operations Administration
    Brandi Trevino
    Manager, Special Event Sales
    Kristi Schaffter
    Manager, Security
    Brian Kealey
    Manager, Fan Services
    Jamie Jankolovits
    Manager, Ushers & Ticket Takers
    Merley Neal
    Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services
    Steven Cohen
    Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services
    Patrick O'Donnell
    Supervisor, Tours & Special Events
    Brett Searson
    Supervisor, Grounds Crew
    Justin Patenaude
    Executive Assistant, Security
    Cindy Carrasco
    Administrative Assistant
    Monica Salazar
    Kevin Waters
    Julio Alveno
    Mike Aguirre
    Doug Potter
    Stadium Operations Assistant
    Brian Garcia
    Stadium Operations Assistant
    Casey Landel
    Receiving Clerk
    Blake Janesky
    Assistant, Mailroom & Office Services
    George Barajas

  • Director of Food Services
    Hugh Gallagher

  • Vice President, Ticket Operations
    Bill Hunter
    Vice President, Ticket Development
    Seth Bluman
    Director, Ticket Operations
    Aaron Dubner
    Manager, Ticket Operations
    Dan Gilmore
    Box Office Lead
    John Mullen
    Box Office Staff
    Sylvia Astorga
    Box Office Staff
    Robin Waldron
    Supervisor, Ticket Operations
    Tayler Montagna
    Supervisor, Ticket Operations
    Steven Zymkowitz
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations
    Steve Moss
    Ticket Operations Representative
    Justin Fallon

  • Site Reporter
    Ken Gurnick
    Marketing Producer
    Kirk Dominic
    National Correspondent
    Ben Platt

  • Executive Director
    Nichol Whiteman
    Sr. Director, Programs & Fundraising
    David Brennan
    Director, Grants & Strategic Partnerships
    Chaitali Gala Mehta
    RBI Manager
    Tiffany Rubin
    Analyst, LA Dodgers Foundation
    James Lopez
    Supervisor, In-Stadium Fundraising
    Nicole Garcia
    Coordinator, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation
    Erin Edwards