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Date Transaction
3/31/01 Optioned Bruce Aven (OF) to Las Vegas (AAA); assigned Giovanni Carrara (P), Kip Gross (P), Jeff Branson (INF), Phil Hiatt (INF) and Jeff Barry (OF) to Las Vegas (AAA); granted Yorkis Perez (P) his free agency; selected the contracts of Tim Bogar (INF) and Jeff Reboulet (INF) from Las Vegas (AAA).
3/30/01 Granted Jesse Orosco (P) his free agency
3/29/01 Gave F.P. Santangelo (OF) his unconditional release
3/28/01 Granted Ramon Martinez (P)his free agency;traded Mike Judd (P)to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for a player to be named later
3/22/01 Brent Cookson, Brian Johnson, Keith Johnson, Chris Prieto and Andy Stankiewicz were reassigned to minor league camp.
3/21/01 Optioned Onan Masaoka (P) and Luke Prokopec (P), to Las Vegas (AAA). Reassigned Doug Linton (P), Todd Rizzo (P), and Matt Whisenant (P) to minor league camp.
3/18/01 Traded pitchers Antonio Osuna and Carlos Ortega to the Chicago White Sox for pitchers Gary Majewski, Andre Simpson and Orlando Rodriguez.
3/5/01 Signed pitchers Adrian Burnside, Kris Foster, Eric Gagne, Carlos Garcia, Matt Herges, Mike Judd, Onan Masaoka, Jose Nunez, Luke Prokopec, Chad Ricketts, Ricardo Rodriguez and Jeff Williams; catchers Paul Lo Duca and Angel Pena; rightfielder Luke Allen, second baseman Hiram Bocachica and shortstop Alex Cora.
3/4/01 Assigned catchers Steve Bieser and John Pachot and pitchers Ben Diggins, Jim Dougherty, Max Regalado, Cam Smith and Brian Stephenson to minor league camp.